Friday, July 29, 2011

Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set Part 4 [Final]

Big, small and tiny Miyuki

A gathering of the brotherhood good buddies in this posting. ^^

Kagami vs Konata; Ryu vs Guile ^^
It would be even more wacky if the designer threw in a comb for Konata XD

Miyuki vs Tsukasa; Crimson Viper vs Ken
Looks more like a game of paper-rock-scissors going on there XD

When it comes to "Street Fighter", what come to my mind first are always hot-bloodiness, Hadoken and Chunli (XD). This Nendoroid Petit figure set almost made me get rid of that idea, but with a laugh. There's absolutely no hot-bloodiness as all the characters show no sense of seriousness at all. It's impossible to associate the always severe-looking Guile with a wacky anime character like Konata. ^^ Kagami's Hadoken pose looks more like she's trying to clap her hands, XD and obviously there's no Chunli in this set. I cannot imagine who among the four is suitable to cosplay as Chunli actually, maybe Miyuki - a bespectacled Chunli would be fun to see, XD but it's fine.

My favorite out of the four is Miyuki of course, apart from the character herself, I find her ponytail braid to be quite a refreshing look. ^^ Her three friends retain the same hairstyles from the anime to cosplay for their respective "Street Fighter" characters, but Miyuki ties up her long hair instead. ^^ Be it for the closer resemblance to Crimson Viper, or ease of production for the figure, it's not an image common for Miyuki, which I like just as much as her usual style.

Speaking of which, Miyuki is the only one among the four from "Lucky Star" whom I have more than one figure of. So a comparison between Crimson Viper Miyuki and the larger versions of her would be totally in place: ^^

With Nendoroid Miyuki

With Figma Miyuki Winter Fuku Ver.

Not enough Miyuki! XD

A very fun set of mini figures that are meant more for display instead of real playability. For folks who want some customization, the ability to swap the head parts between the figures will definitely help. Different cosplay for all the characters everyday is pretty fun too. ^^

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