Monday, March 11, 2013

Nendoroid Petit Haruhi Summer Festival Set Part 2


A look at Nagato Yuki from Nendoroid Petit Haruhi Summer Festival Set after introducing the entire set and Haruhi in the previous posting. ^^

The figure and her display base parts.
The stand is actually meant for Mikuru because of a minor design difference between her and the other two figures, but it works on Yuki nonetheless. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Apart from her emotionless expression, which is very typical of Yuki, ^^; I find her rather plain-looking yutaka with line details to be highly "supportive" of the character image. ^^ It's definitely not bad-looking, just not as flashy as Haruhi's or as cutesy as Mikuru's. It's a yutaka that fits Yuki's reserved characteristic completely. ^^

The great details of the figures in this Nendoroid Petit set can be seen very clearly with Yuki. For Haruhi shown in the previous posting, the nice details of her pupils and flower patterns on her yutaka are enough to impress. For Yuki, in addition to those two design features, the beautiful gradient paint work of her hair is absolutely lovely. ^^ This is hard to tell for Haruhi since she has dark hair, but it's very obvious with Yuki's light purple hair. ^^

It seems that size is really not a matter when it comes to details for the entire Nendoroid series. Beautiful details and paint work which are equivalence to that of the normal series can be observed easily on these two Nendoroid Petit figures reviewed so far. ^^

Yuki has the same set of simple articulation points as Haruhi shown in the previous posting:

The head is movable via ball-type neck joint, while the arms are on simple swivel joint at shoulder level.

The fixed sleeves positioned behind the body would collide with the figure's waist when they are swiveled to the front.

Swivel joints for the waist and feet.

Adjusted a different pose for Yuki. ^^

The only option part included for this Nendoroid Petit set is a Kamen Rider-like face mask meant for Yuki. ^^
According to the description on the box, it's a 800-Yen item Yuki bought at the festival. ^^

Size comparison between the mask and Yuki's head.

Using the elastic string behind the part, the mask can indeed be attached onto the figure.

It's an accurate fit that covers up Yuki's entire face too. ^^

The mask can be placed on the side of her head as well.

The white string that is revealed in plain sight is not so great to look at though. ^^;

The rear view of the figure on the box shows the mask been positioned on Yuki's head without the string. How that's accomplished is a mystery to me. XD

The reserved characteristic of Yuki is very obvious when she's shown beside with Haruhi. ^^

Since their neck joints are of the same size, a change of costume between the two figures can be done very easily. ^^

Different costumes for the figures generate somewhat awkward character images for Haruhi and Yuki. ^^

As Haruhi was shown with her Figma self in the previous posting, Yuki has the support of her Revoltech Fraulein version. ^^

The giant wizard hat of the Revoltech Fraulein version doesn't seem too out of place with this Nendoroid Petit version of Yuki. ^^

The last figure of the set, Mikuru will be featured in the next posting. ^^

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