Thursday, June 13, 2013

Megahouse Character Studio Lunamaria Hawke Part 3 [Final]

"Commander, your uniform is ..."

Random mix-match of the various parts of Character Studio Lunamaria Hawke to create alternate display forms for the figurine will serves as a fun closing posting to this review series I believe. ^^

Direct reverse costume swap - the casual wear form head on the military uniform-clad body. ^^

All the parts are separated to create even more display possibilities. ^^

Cap + military uniform + pants.

Casual wear + skirt + military boots.

With skirt added to the casual wear.

As you can see, there are quite a few options to configure the different parts to create various display forms for Lunamaria, regardless if they make sense or not. XD The white cap and her pink miniskirt are perhaps the more versatile parts I guess, since they seem to be able to match either display form pretty well. Overall, I would that Lunamaria is definitely more "posable" than Yzak when it comes to alternate forms. ^^ The formal look of the latter's military uniform and business suit makes it difficult to come up with any less-awkward mix of costume parts for that figurine. ^^;

Speaking of Yzak, here he is with Lunamaria: ^^

In their respective military uniforms. ^^

The two characters never had any face-to-face encounter in the anime series I believe. ^^;

In their respective casual wears.

As you would expect, the costume swap feature is possible between the two figurines. Lunamaria's head can be swapped onto Yzak's military uniform-clad body for example.
I'm not going to attempt the "vice versa" part of the statement above since I don't want to get killed by a white-haired, beam ax wielding angry man later. XD

Lunmaria may be getting her promotion in the service, but certain parts on her get "downgraded" instead. ^o^

While Yzak has the same Haro base as Lunamaria, you can see that its square slots were molded on different positions as compared to those on Lunamaria's bases.
Effectively, none of the bases is repeated even with them being 95-percent similar to one another in terms of shape and color. ^^

Finally, a group shot of all the small-sized Lunamaria figurines in my collection:

With the kneeling gashapon version from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 3.

With all the other gashapon versions as well. ^^

While I have issues with the paint work of her eyes as mentioned in Part 1, this is a very fun figurine of Lunamaria. She is meant merely for display, just like all the other figurines of the character introduced in the past since there's no articulation point that could give her any action pose. The option parts do give her one official and quite a few unofficial alternate display forms to play around with. ^^ The default form of her in military uniform is still my favorite image of Lunamaria though. ^^

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