Sunday, June 9, 2013

Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander Class Megatron Part 4 [Final]

Forward-looking (only) Megatron

Action poses from "Transformers: Prime" Cyberverse Commander Class Megatron after the previous posting: ^^

As expected, there's little Megatron can do for its action poses with the lack of neck and waist joints. ^^; Another way to put it, how many different forward-charging poses with two weapons that you can think of for the same figure? ^^;

Comparison with Optimus Prime from the same figure line:

In vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

My entire Transformers Cyberverse collection at the moment, with Legion Class Arcee joining in with the rest of the "family" ^^

Just like Optimus Prime's blasters, Arcee has no problem carrying Megatron's energy sword. ^^

Since all of them feature the same size for their pegs and slots, you can connect the weapons to form a much bigger (and weirder ^^;) combo weapon. ^^
The more Cyberverse figures you collect, the bigger the combination becomes! ^^

Back to vehicle mode for all three of them. ^^

This is is small-sized Transformers figure that looks good in both modes, especially so in robot mode. It's just unfortunate that the posability is severely hampered by the lack of neck and waist joint. ^^; Due to story implication and character rivalry, getting both Megatron and Optimus Prime from this product series almost feels mandatory, especially when their individual price isn't too expensive, especially to those who are more used to getting Deluxe or Yoyager Class releases. However, different expectations must be set for the two. Just because they are of the same product series doesn't mean all the benefits in various aspects are going to be the same. ^^

Now that I have both Optimus Prime and Megatron, posing them standing side-by-side in robot mode is how I'll display them on my desktop. ^^

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