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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime Part 4 [Final]

Beneficial designs from predecessor: check; weaknesses from predecessor: check

The last posting for the review on "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime already. ^^

A look at the articulation design of this Transformers figure:

Due to the way the head transforms, you can hinge it to display Optimus Prime looking upward or downward, although for the latter, he would be staring down on his neck area instead of what's in front of him. ^^;
Unfortunately, the head doesn't turn to either of its sides, which is a huge limitation to the head's articulation in general. ^^;

The shoulder hinges are from the figure's transformation design as well. In robot mode, they can only be bent downward, which is not exactly useful in supporting any of the action poses. ^^;

Ball-type joints for the shoulder and elbow.

Using the ball-type joint shown above, the arm can be lifted upward from the side of the body for a wide degree. The angled cut on the shoulder armor matches the shoulder hinge's outline accurately, thus eliminating any conflict between the two parts when the arm is lifted.

Using the same joint, the entire arm can swing around vertically.

Just 90 degrees for the elbow bend.

No waist joint is incorporated for Optimus Prime, but the spinal hinge does allow the upper body to be tilted to the back.

The spinal joint is actually of double-hinge type. While the upper hinge secures the upper body to the black waist piece, the lower hinge can be moved to enable the upper body's backward tilt.

Ball-type joints for the hips.

The hips are flexible enough to allow Optimus Prime to perform sideways and forward splits very easily.

Just the right clearance between the legs and the waist piece to support the wide angled poses shown above. ^^

Thanks to a large gap between the knee joint, the knee can be bent for wider than 90 degrees.

The feet can be flipped downward. It's an articulation point enabled by its transformation design that could come in handy for the figure's kneeling pose. ^^

Very nice kneeling pose for Optimus Prime. ^^

The articulation design of this new Optimus Prime is an odd case of good and poor designs, and interestingly, all of those points can be linked to the last two Commander Class figures reviewed, Optimus Prime and Megatron:

(1) Just slightly better head and waist articulation than Megatron. One but not exactly useful articulation point for each of them is better than none right? XD
(2) Shoulder joints that are close, but not as flexible as those on the first Optimus Prime.
(3) The exact same flexible hips movements as the first Optimus Prime.

The knees' wide bending angle is not as impressive as that on Megatron, even though Megatron is arguably "cheating" (XD) in realizing the flexibility of his knees, since the joints involved are from his transformation design, and they are being "unnaturally exploited" to benefit the knees' movements. ^^ For Optimus Prime, his knee articulation is the result of good planning and design. The gap behind the knee joint serves no purpose other to improve its bending range. The same can also be said about his shoulder joints. The accurate angled cut on the shoulder armor that helps to avoid any conflict between the parts when the arm is lifted from the side is another example of good figure design since the cut is not used at all in vehicle mode and is meant solely for the purpose to the figure's articulation design as mentioned above. So, despite the limitations of the neck and waist joints, I think this figure is very well designed for its articulation. ^^

A look at the two weapons which weren't explicitly mentioned in the last few postings:

Top and bottom views of Thunder Lance.

Nicely molded mechanical details on the body of the weapon.

The projectile of Thunder Lance can be fired via simple pressure launch gimmick. The quicker you push the projectile out from the launcher, the further it goes. ^^

Star Saber has equally impressive molded details overall as compared to Thunder Lance.

The two weapons are made of soft plastic.

Action poses from Optimus Prime by utilizing all the articulation points shown earlier on:

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Better than Megatron, even though Megatron, but still not as expansive and flexible as the first Optimus Prime in terms of its action poses I would say.

Bringing out the first Commander Class Optimus Prime again for a comparison in robot mode:

In vehicle mode.

In robot mode.
The new Optimus Prime's bulky appearance can be seen even more obviously now.

Blocked by the two shoulder hinges beside it, the head of the new Optimus Prime is proportionately smaller than that on the first Commander Class figure. As a result of that, the awesome detailing as seen on the latter is not as clear on the successor. ^^;

Rear view.

The blasters are still compatible on the new Optimus Prime. ^^

For being bulky themselves, the twin blasters from the first Commander Class Optimus Prime seem to visibly more fitting on this new Optimus Prime I think. ^^

Finally, an "updated" group shot of all the Cyberverse figures I have in my collection so far: ^^

A simple and very enjoyable small-sized Transformers figure this is. There are some neat features in its transformation design, and its articulation and posability are quite decent. ^^

With this figure joining my "desktop crews" (XD) - figures small enough that don't need too much space for display on my desktop, and are not distracting at the same time, I now have quite a few options when it comes to having something to fiddle with when I'm working from time to time. ^^

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