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Megahouse Character Studio Lunamaria Hawke Part 1

First Lunamaria in 2013

Switching over to something very different from "Transformers: Prime" Cyberverse Commander Class Megatron for this new review series.

Just when you think there's no more Lunamaria Hawke-related item in my collection after MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 3 gashapon set reviewed last October, I do. ^^

This is the Character Studio version of the character, released by Megahouse back in January 2006 - more than seven years ago. ^^; In terms of release date, she's actually a few months older than the first Character Studio figurine reviewed on this blog, Yzak which was shown in May 2011. Despite being an older release, I got Lunamaria way later than Yzak who followed me home from my visit to Singapore in 2010. As a vintage item by today's standards, I'm really glad that I was able to pick it up in new and unopened condition, with a really nice bargain price to top everything off. ^^ Then again, the collection value of this figurine, or any collectible in general is highly dependent on how much people actually appreciate the product series, and the character itself as well.

Come to think of it, there's no Gundam series before and after "MS Gundam SEED Destiny" that feature the vast number of character-related merchandises from that series I believe. ^^ The number of Lacuses, Meers, Lunamarias, and even Stellas and Meyrins is very impressive. I was counting the number of Lunamarias in my collection when I said that. XD With the HD Remaster project going on for "MS Gundam SEED Destiny" right now, fans can still expect new figurines to be released from the series. "MS Gundam 00", and subsequently "MS Gundam Age" never had any character who is famous enough to warrant as many merchandise releases as the few girls mentioned above. Until today, I'm still trying to figure out the special charm behind the character design of "MS Gundam SEED Destiny" that created fans out of many people. ^^ After much effort gathering the different versions of Lunamaria to build up my harem (XD), I can honestly say that I have no idea about the origin of the craze over the girls. ^^

Going back to introducing the main focus of this review series: ^^

The figurine and the option parts included are contained in a slide blister.

The content can be seen very easily and clearly through the clear shell.

A very cute illustration of Lunamaria in deformed proportion on the top right corner of the package's card.

Left and right faces of the package.

Illustration of the figurine's design can be seen on the back of the box, along with the part list and suggested "alternate" costume display for the figurine. XD

Rear view of the content with the card removed.


The full image of the backdrop.

Front view of the content yet to be removed from the plastic tray.

Closeups on the items.

Rear view of the content.

A separate tray holds two Haro-shaped display bases.

The figurine and option parts are removed from the tray.

Lunamaria can actually stand very well and sturdily on the surface without the display base's support.

They may look the same, but there are small design differences between the two Haro display bases.

The base which features a bit of distance separating the two square pegs is meant to connect to Lunamaria's military boots.

Lunamaria standing on the Haro base.

The base with the square pegs positioned very close very close to one another is meant to connect to her shoes.

It's very interesting to see that instead of "standardizing" the figurine's feet to be in the same pose so that only one display base is needed, two display bases are included instead to cater to different figurine parts that have just slight differences as compared to one another. Is that a show of attention to details? I would say yes, even though the impact upon the outcome (display forms of Lunamaria in different costumes) isn't too significant.

Actually, looking at the option parts and the second display base, the only part missing in getting two separate figurines of Lunamaria from this Studio Character package is a second face part. ^^

More images of the figurine: ^^

Closeups on the details:

The detailing of the face is a little off as compared to the illustration shown on the package's card unfortunately. ^^; The pupils looks really weird and unnatural to me, even though the paint work is evidently very clean and accurate. ^^; Provided that anime characters' eye detailing is always exaggerated anyway (^^;), the disc-like color separation done for the pupils is still not great-looking in my opinion. ^^; To some extend, they look like Poke Ball to me. ^^s

Oh gosh, how can I discard that association so that I won't be haunted by those eyes tonight? XD

All the other details are very well done though. I really like the clean paint work applied to the different emblems on Lunamaria's military costume. The minor wrinkles molded on her sleeves, skirt and boots are minor but very beautifully executed details nonetheless. While it's in a deformed format, the overall paint work and detailing for Lunamaria is certainly very impressive. ^^

A few display options for the figurine without using any of the extra parts:

Side-to-side swivel is possible for the head.

Different angles of display can be adjusted for Lunamaria.

The pink skirt is separable from the figurine. ^o^

You can see the tab inside the skirt part that secure it to the legs in "normal" display form. ^^

Must have been an extra cold day for the thighs without the skirt. XD

A look at Lunamaria in her casual wear form in the next posting. ^^

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