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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime Part 2

So simple, so effective

As mentioned in the introduction yesterday, I'll be doing a reversed transformation review for "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime. For that, here's an assortment of images of Optimus in his new truck mode to start off this posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view of the truck:

Some unique features of the truck mode:

The truck is about 9cm in length, 5cm in width, and 4cm in height.

The two weapons - a launcher called Thunder Lance and a new sword named Star Saber can be attached to either slot on the back of the truck. Their straight pegs allow the weapons to swivel upward for a change in their display.

I like the look of Optimus Prime's vehicle mode more than the robot mode actually. Much like my comment yesterday about the robot mode being different from the more usual look of Optimus Prime we saw in the live-action movies and the first two seasons of "Transformers: Prime", the vehicle mode is very unique as well. The claws in front and the cage design on the back are pretty new design elements for an animated Optimus Prime no doubt. ^^ The claws remind me of similar design to be seen on Soundwave's body from "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron". ^^

While the claws are available on the Voyager Class figure, the caged trailer behind the truck is something original on this Commander Class version. You will see how the cage works for vehicle-to-robot mode transformation later, but its actual purpose for the truck itself is somewhat ambiguous. ^^; Is it meant to store more weapons? or will it be used to hold and transport Predacon fouls that Optimus Prime defeated? I suspect the same ambiguity was there when the figure was first planned based on unconfirmed design of Optimus Prime. Because of that uncertainty, there's no specific design elements in both robot and vehicle modes that must be adhered to, except the chest and head maybe. ^^ As a result of that, there's a huge gap of design difference between this Commander Class figure and its Voyager Class equivalence. Such design gap wasn't that obvious between the first Commander Class Optimus Prime and the "First Edition" Voyager Class version.

Despite the uncertainties about some of its design points, the detaining on the truck mode is very well done. ^^ The accurate silver and black paint work for the windshield, silver for the side mirrors, smoke stakes, grilles and wheel rims, and gold for the lights really add a lot of fine details to look at on this small figure. ^^ There are some elaborate mechanical details molded inside the component behind the truck to be seen as well. The hands that stick out from behind that component are clearly visible robot mode parts, but the look isn't too bad since they are being folded in a downward position in vehicle mode. In comparison, they aren't too obviously visible as compared to the hands of Commander Class Megatron in his alien jet mode.

Comparison with his first "Transformers: Prime" incarnation from the same Cyberverse Commander Class line:

In vehicle mode.

While the length and height are just about the same between the Primes, the bulky proportion of the "Beast Hunters" is very obvious with its flat nose and solid tail unit (even though it's still rather spacious with the caged trailer design).

In robot mode.

And just for the fun of it, a comparison with the recently reviewed Megatron from the same product line, and Legion Class Arcee: ^^

No change to the "conclusive observation" regarding all the Cyberverse figures in my collection thus far: Megatron is the biggest; Arcee the smallest. ^^

The inclusion of clear parts and weapons on the previous three reviewed Cyberverse figures is a design point I miss on this new Optimus Prime. ^^ It's a new "standard" for "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Cyberverse releases. All the weapons are still one-piece parts, but just like Thunder Lance and Star Saber on this figure, they are in a standardized light gray color instead. Somewhat more "realistic" as weapon parts, but I definitely miss the beautiful color of the clear parts as seen on the first three Cyberverse figures. ^^

Transformation sequence from vehicle to robot mode for Optimus Prime:

Thunder Lance and Star Saber must be removed first.

A pair on tabs on either side of the cage trailer are released from their corresponding slots on the back of the truck situated right beneath the component which would eventually becomes the arms.

The tail unit is folded downward, and split right in half to form the legs.

(Left) Each half of the cage is folded inward to wrap around the leg.
(Right) The foot is flipped forward from behind the tail.

All done for the legs. ^^

On the back of the truck, the tab that lock the two arms in place is released.

Using the hinge joint beneath the truck, each half of the shoulders is flipped downward for 90 degrees.

The forearm arm is released from the side panel of the truck by releasing two tabs: one on the roof and another beneath the smoke stake.

With the tabs released, the forearm is straightened and rotated for 180 degrees until silver panel is facing upward.

A look at the partially transformed figure so far. ^^

The most interesting design in the entire transformation sequence: the shoulders and arms are swung over to the top to give them their robot mode positions.

The swivel joint inside the body that enables the fun action above. ^^

The hinge joint of the spine is adjusted so that the two angled tabs on the waist match their designated slot behind the chest plate.

The claws in front of the body can be adjusted downward slightly to reveal more of the silver abdomen details.

The shoulders and arms and adjusted to give them a better appearance in robot mode.

The head is flipped up from the back.

With the weapons attached, the transformation for Optimus Prime from vehicle to robot mode is completed. ^^

The transformation design is pretty simple and straight-forward, but with at least two very interesting steps: wrapping each half of the cage from the trailer to form part of the leg, and of course the swing for the arms. ^^ It may be a bit to simple for those who want a figure with more and complicated transformation steps, but it's very enjoyable to play with for me. ^^

More images of Optimus Prime in robot mode coming up next. ^^

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