Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Figma BRS2035 Part 4 [Final]

What are those wings for again?

More action poses of Figma BRS2035 after the previous posting. ^^

As shown in the previous posting, the wings can can be removed, and as long as her back is not shown, the absence of her wings doesn't affect Figma BRS2035 appearance at all. ^^

For me, the wings are kind-of "just there". ^^ I'm sure their purpose is explained in the game where the character comes from, but on this figure, they are not exactly important to the figure. It's not like there's some sort of cable connecting between the wings and Rock Cannon to display the latter, nor is there any extra weapon hidden within the wings that can be deployed to support her unique image. The wings end up being no more than just special accessories on this version of Black Rock Shooter. ^^; I don't particularly dislike them, since their flexible joints allow them to move freely, not to mention their designated position on the back of BRS2035's waist sent them out of the legs' range of movement by default. ^^ Since they don't obstruct the figure's movement, I don't mind having them to begin with, but like I said, they are "just there" for me. ^^;

Comparison with Figma Meiya Mitsurugi.

Figma Takara Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver.

She's not as tall as Meiya Mitsurugi, but more realistically proportionate as a human character than Miyuki. XD

I really like this Figma figure. ^^ The design is very beautiful - all the delicate details are very well done (as discussed in Part 2, but to achieve that, playability of the figure has not been compromised. Because of her pigtails and wings, BRS2035 actually has more articulation points than the previous two Figma action figure reviewed - Kamen Rider Axe and Haruhi School Summer Fuku Ver. Regarding those two components, despite the risk of dragging down the figure's articulation due to their size, the pigtails and wings manage to avoid that almost completely due to their joint design, which is another pleasant thing about BRS2035. ^^

For all its excellent design points, BRS2035 is easily the best Figma figure reviewed on this blog this year. ^^

Given there are only four reviews in total from that action figure series, the above statement is quite a no-brainer. ^^

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Q said...

Hey Ngee Khiong, it's been a while, and I'm glad that you're doing well ^^

I seriously didn't know you're into BRS as well! XD I didn't get BRS2035, but she is highly favoured by many over the original figma. I somehow like the huke's original one a bit more, and that the "mecha" stuff on BRS2035 seems a little odd to go with her IMHO (a bit like WRS from the same game, which I like her more without the wings).

The wings actually don't have much of a stated purpose in the game. This is the character's official 2nd costume / equipment in game after her first one got ruined. Apart from general boosted stats, not much is said about the wings.

The Rock Cannon is surely hard to pose with; the hand for holding the cannon is very hard to be plugged back into the arm, and it's one of the things I dread the most out of the BRS figma(s). Apart from that any BRS is nice to have, despite it being heavily merchandised or people bashing it as a trending fad.