Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nendoroid Kirino Kousaka Part 2

My cellphone can't be this detailed

A look at Nendoroid Kirino Kousaka's accessories after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Kirino and all of her accessories.

Two option face parts included for Kirino: one which shows her typical annoyed look, while the other one depicts her obsessing over something. For this Nendoroid set, her obsession would be for the DVD/Blu-ray disc, but the expression can definitely be used in a more "versatile" manner, as with all other Nendoroid figures. ^^

Rear view of the face parts.

Standard part-swapping design to change between the face parts.

Kirino with the option face parts.

The default face part.

One of the option arm pairs that can be used to show Kirino holding her cheeks in her hands.
They are meant more to support the obsessive look shown earlier on.

The letters "L" and "R" are molded behind the shoulders to distinguish between the parts' sides, but since the arms are fixed to the shoulders anyway - the look of the arms should make it easy to tell them apart, the labelling isn't exactly necessary in my opinion.

The default look of the arms on the figure.
As mentioned above, they work better with the obsessive look.

Another pair of option arms to show Kirino in her characteristic arms-crossed pose.
They are meant (almost exclusively) to support the annoyed look on Kirino.

The divots behind the arm parts don't lock with one another at all to form the crossed arms, but it's interesting to see how accurate they match up. ^^

The look of the arms on the figure.

Another three forearm parts for Kirino: two curved right forearms to hold the DVD/Blu-ray disc cases, and cellphone, and a left one to hold the paper bag.

Different hand designs can be seen on the three forearm parts.

The default forearms (the pair on the far right) can be removed from their shoulders. The latter can be used by the three option parts mentioned above.

Apart from their look on the shoulder parts, the two images above also show that the forearms can swivel around on the shoulders to create different look for the hands.

The same "L" and "R" labels can be seen behind the default shoulder parts. As compared to the curved arm pair shown earlier on, the labeling is important to these two parts as they look very similar to one another when the forearms are detached.

Kirino's cellphone.
In terms of details on a tiny accessory, this cellphone is absolutely amazing. ^^

Size comparison between the cellphone and a Malaysian 10-cent coin. ^^

Shown with one of the option right forearm.

The other right forearm can hold the cellphone very firmly as well.
The difference in terms of look between the arms is the thumb's position on the keypad. ^^

The groove on the left hand is too narrow for the cellphone to slide through. ^^;

The two DVD/Blu-ray disc cases.

Given either right forearm parts can hold the cellphone, they can hold the cases firmly as well.

The paper bag.

The folded edges beneath the paper bag, as well as the inward side folds are very nice details on this tiny accessory. ^^

Size comparison between the paper bag and a Malaysian 10-cent coin. ^^

The paper bag's handle fits inside the hand of the option left forearm nicely.

Showing the tininess of all the accessories again. ^^

Comparison between the DVD/Blu-ray disc cases, and paper bag with the sticker set shown in the previous posting.
I feel very tempted to use the stickers, but they look too precious to be spent on the figure at the same time. ^^;

The default pair of straight arms.

Kirino's purple wristband is faithfully realized on all three left arm parts. ^^

The obsessed look expression part is not only cute-looking, it's very funny as well. The expression can easily be interpreted as, "Look at this, it's so adorable~" ^^ However, one can also associate a sense of perversion associated with the expression, since "adorable" means different things to different types of otaku. ^^ In the anime, Kirino can be seen with this expression when she's playing eroge games. ^o^

More images of Nendoroid Kirino Kousaka coming up in the next posting. ^^

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