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Play Arts Kai Chunli Part 6 [Final]

A family of blue cheongsams

A couple more action poses featuring Play Arts Kai Chunli after the previous posting. ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Comparison with Cammyfrom the same action figure series:

Cammy is a little shorter than Chunli. ^^
Interestingly, that height difference seems to be accurate to the characters' profiles: Chunli is 169cm tall; while Cammy is 5cm shorter than her. ^^

Comparison between the two attack effect parts.
Cammy's fiery drill might seems bigger at first because of its spiralling rear spikes, but its overall size is just about the same as that of Chunli's Kikoken part.

Comparison with her pocket-sized Revoltech S.F.O. version from Kaiyodo:

There's obviously no valid comparison between the two, given the small size of the Revoltech S.F.O. version. ^^ However, the comparison does make me appreciate the detailing done on the latter more. The paint work of the face, hair, and golden stripes of the costume still look convincingly accurate to Chunli's character design, despite being compared directly to the much larger Play Arts Kai version. Also, because it's a Revoltech figure, it's capable of performing pretty much all the poses possible on the larger figure as well, with greater ease I should add, since it won't be facing any weight issue. Plus, its own display stand bearing the character name is certainly a nice inclusion that is absence in the Play Arts Kai version. ^^ So, despite being the smaller one with fewer details, there are definitely benefits to the Revoltech S.F.O. version that make it a very interesting action figure in its own rights. ^^

Having the smaller version next to the Play Arts Kai figure makes for a very adorable scene as well. ^^

"And this is my 1/2 scale figure." ^^

And finally, comparison with the much bigger 12-inch RAH version from Medicom Toy:

The images above really solidify some of the comments I made about Play Arts Kai Chunli in Part 2 of this review series. ^^ Between the two, I definitely like the more anime look of the RAH version, plus the overall simpler detail treatment. A straight comparison is again, not exactly valid between the two since the RAH version uses different materials to realize the figure's completed look. The "replicated" fabric look on the Play Arts Kai version's skirt will never look as realistic as the same costume component on the RAH version, which is made of actual fabric. ^^ That "technical" feature aside, I prefer the RAH version for not overemphasizing on the musculine look of the character. You can still see that she has large thighs, consistent with the usual image of Chunli, but the look has not been made into a prominent feature on the figure itself. For a 12-inch figure, Medicom Toy could really develop some freaky sculpted details for the thighs to emphasize their appearance, but they didn't. ^^ Does that support the figure's overall image? Yes, and that's good enough in my opinion. ^^

Sometimes less is more. ^^

Overall, I really like this Play Arts Kai version for some of its unique detail design and treatment on a game character that I like very much, with the face sculpt and detailing, gradient paint work on her costume being the most impressive points. I also like the "intermediate" size that she has as compared to Kaiyodo's Revoltech S.F.O. mini action figure, and the huge 12-inch RAH version from Medicom Toy. The size definitely helps to show off the figure's action poses in greater details. On the flip side, there's of course the excessive details that I talked about earlier on, which I have no intention to repeat for the third time in this entire review series. ^^;

A family portrait of all the Chunlis in my collection to end this review series: ^^

Well, technically, that's not all the Chunlis I have in my collection. ^^; I still have one more that has never been opened since I got her in early June 2009. ^^

The white RAH version. ^^

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Nice review, indeed taking all factors into account, Medicom chun li reign supreme. So after owning medicom chun li for so many years now how is the joint and parts holding up? Medicom is notoriously known for joint breackage thats what holding me up in buying chun li. Are also getting the Medicom Chun Li V2 coming this September?