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Keropla God Keron Part 49

The grand gathering of alien frogs and their robots

Done with the work on BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Koshin Gyan, the next review will be about a plamo kit again, but it's mighty special one, as it's the final part of a very long-running review series. ^^

Finally, after using its name as the title of all the individual parts in this review series, Keropla God Keron is ready to emerge! XD Since the first posting was released in early July 2012 - even I had to use the search function in Blogger to look for that posting just now, XD the title robot has waited for more than one and a half years to come out. ^^; In before seeing the final combiner robot, which is awesome in its own right, the extremely long delay to get to this point can be considered as another amazing feature of this entire review I suppose. ^^

An overview of Keroro Platoon, and the members' individual robots first to kick off everything: ^^

(Listed according to their build order) Keroro Robo Mk-II, Tamama Robo Mk-II, Giroro Robo Mk-II, Kururu Robo Mk-II, and Dororo Robo Mk-II.

(Left) The personal emblem sticker of Tamama which I forgot to attached to his robot's right shin has been applied to said component.
(Right) The mix-up of Dororo Robo Mk-II's legs (see Part 44) has been rectified. ^^

Keroro Platoon is assembled! ^^

With Keropla Pururu Chief Medic.

With their "mini-mini" selfs from Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V. ^^

With their control pods. ^^

With their control pods in hover mode. ^^
Looking at how closely the headlight colors reflect the individual platoon members' designated main color, I'm glad I went through the trouble of painting the parts, instead of using the included paper stickers. ^^

Some combined action poses from all five Robo Mk-IIs in robot form: ^^

In vehicle form: ^^

Comparison with the platoo members' individual mecha from Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V: ^^

Comparison between the details would be extremely unfair for the gashapon set given the huge differences in size and product nature - completed toys versus model kit. However, I think it's fair to say that the designs in God Keron makes a lot more sense for the individual platoon members. ^^ To form God Keron, Keroro pilots a jetcraft, which is pretty easy to understand and imagine, but to form Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V, his designated mecha is a giant head on a pair of tiny feet? XD Then again, since nothing is really serious in the Keroro universe, making sense of the mecha design is overrated I guess. ^^

Ironically, Dororo's mecha in Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V, called Doro Jetter is probably the coolest-looking mecha in his team. However, in God Keron, his "ninja-driller" form is my definite pick as the worst alternate mode design out of the five Robo Mk-IIs. ^^; The designers of the two combiner robots really made Dororo stood out among his platoon members, in polarizing good and bad ways, at least to me. XD

Assembling a couple of option components for God Keron.

Parts of the support base, which is essentially just Action Base 2 with a special adapter to connect between the base and the combiner robot.

The special adapter has some molded details to connect its look with God Keron itself when it's used.

Separable components of the support base before the final assembly.

Done for the support base.

As indicated in the instruction manual, just half of the actual base is already enough for the support.

Additional parts from Action Base 2 that are unneccessary for the assembly.
Along with the base and stand, these clips are now my extra tools for model kit support. ^^

A pair of beam sabers.

Each beam part is 23cm in length. ^^ The glitter inside the parts can be seen very clearly as well. ^^
On the flip side, because they are molded as solid pieces, they are very heavy. I can definitely foresee that lifting the beam sabers is going to be challenging for the actual model. ^^;

The completed beam sabers.

There's a smaller handle behind the main handle (pun intended ^^) that allows Keroro Robo Mk-II to use the long beam saber.

Then again, the beam saber is too long, and too heavy for Keroro Robo Mk-II's hand. ^^;

A straight peg on the handle allows the beam saber to be mounted on Keroro Robo Mk-II's forearm as additional cannon-like weapon. ^^
This weapon option is actually an official configuration on God Keron. ^^

Extra firepower for Keroro Robo Mk-II. ^^

As the only other team member with normal hands, everything Keroro Robo Mk-II can do with the two handle parts is possible with Dororo Robo Mk-II. ^^

Unfortunately, the weight issue is observable when Dororo Robo Mk-II uses the huge beam saber as well. XD
On the other hand, while not shown here, the straight peg on the handle can also be fitted into the hands of Keroro Robo Mk-II and Dororo Robo Mk-II, allowing them to use it as a beam pistol. ^^

The transformation design of all the robots to form the different components on God Keron will be up next. ^^

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