Sunday, August 31, 2014

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 31

Red hot Sinanju

More images of the just completed MG Sinanju Ver. Ka. ^^

Just for clarification, especially to those who just started reading this review series, the rocket bazooka connected to the beam rifle is not included with this MG. It's a limited kit that was bundled with Gundam Unicorn novel Vol. 8 "The Sky and the Stars" ("宇宙と惑星と"). See Part 20 for the introduction of that limited kit. ^^ The rocket bazooka was eventually included for the OVA version of Master Grade Sinanju, so it's entirely possible to realize the image of Sinanju posing with its rocket bazooka-equipped combined rifle without going through the trouble, and paying extra to get the limited kit. ^^

Closeups on the details:









Large, red, sharp, luxurious, heavy, and powerful, ^^ just a plain standing pose is enough to show off Sinanju in all of its gloriness, and this Master Grade kit certainly delivers that image. ^^ The armors might have covered up all the molded details shown in Part 27, but as a tradeoff, all of Sinanju's iconic emblems and stripes are revealed in full, and they look really good.

Overall, this is an awesome model kit that realizes the awesomeness of Sinanju as well as I anticipated it to. It's a tremendous model kit for display.

And for action too, but one thing at a time. ^^

With the backpack and all weapon removed:

A backpack-less Sinanju looks pretty good too. It puts the red MS much closer to Unicorn Gundam in terms of appearance in my opinion.

A look at the special limited gift that came with this Master Grade kit, as well as some action poses from Sinanju next. ^^

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