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BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Enjutsu Zssa Part 1

Those intricate-looking yet difficult-to-paint molded details

Returning to the BB Senshi Sangokuden series after the review on Sci-fi Revoltech T-Rex.

This is just my second kit from Shin line for this Gunpla series, with Koshin Gyan being the first one, even though I have yet to build that kit at this moment. ^^

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Enjutsu Zssa
Production company: Bandai Hobby Division
Release date: Early August 2010
Price: 600 Yen (exclusive of tax).
Merchandise link

Much like his brother, Enshou Bawoo, I knew Enjutsu Zssa was going to be an instant get for me when it was first announced. ^^ Besides being a new kit (not recolored re-releases like many of the others who "transitioned" from the comic line into the Shin series), the really intricate molded details on Enjutsu Zssa's armors attracted me more than anything else. ^^; Their design aren't exactly too unique per se, since many named characters from that universe were given armors and weapons with elaborate details, but Enjutsu Zssa with his combination of black armors and gold details, decorated with metallic green jewels all over the body just has that extra specialness that I like very much. ^^

For his brother Enshou Bawoo, the color combination of red, black, and gold is already a guaranteed formula to win my liking, so I didn't hesitate when deciding to get him as well. ^^ For that matter, the ability for the two to combine may seem like a really cool feature gimmick-wise, but for me, it's awesome for allowing all of the two brothers' details and colors to be showcased together. ^^

Also, even though they were shown as awful chumps in the anime series, it sure is amazing for Enjutsu Zssa and Enshou Bawoo to be given such luxurious detail treatment. XD I mean, they accomplished nothing in the story of the series, but they sure looked awesome as ever in showcasing their uselessness. XD

An opaque image of Enshou Bawoo can be seen on the box art as well.

Introduction of the kit on the box sides.

Enjutsu Zssa's finishing move: Hisou Senrenjin (飛双旋鎌陣).

Preview for No. 22 Shin Gurensou Sousou Gundam with Zetsuei, and No. 23 Shin Moukosou Sonken Gundam.


The comic/instruction manual.

The 3D anime character design of Enjutsu Zssa in his default "basic" form.

Apart from an image of the character from the anime series, the actual MS representing the title character, in this case AMX-102 Zssa, is also shown on the manual. ^^

The character design of Enjutsu Zssa in his Jikkyoku Judogai (十極呪導鎧)-equipped powered up form is shown as well.
The armors gave Enjutsu Zssa his flying form, Hishou Keitai (飛翔形態).

The two-page comic section shows Enjutsu Zssa gained the Jikkyoku Judogai armor set when he was corrupted by the dark power of Gyokuji (玉璽).

All the runners of this kit.

A look at the different runners in this kit:

Runner A1

(Left) Having rather small shoulder armors with no additional attachment point is one of the character's unique designs. ^^
(Right) Elaborate details on the headgear part.

The middle part of the backpack is shaped exactly like Enjutsu Zssa's face. ^^

Runner A2

(Left) True to its actual MS design (AMX-102 Zssa), the character's head is really small. ^^
(Right) The elaborate molded details on the chest part can be seen very clearly even without any paint work or panel lining.

(Left) Two one-piece weapon parts, Hisouto (飛双刀).
(Right) The character's name molded on the bottom of the feet parts.

Runner B

Heavy paint work is required to realize the colors of all the molded details on the two skirt armor parts.

One-piece parts for the legs and forearms.

Polycap set.

Foil sticker sheet.

(Left) Three types of mono-eye expression selectable for the model kit.
(Right) That large piece with the character's last name on it is for the middle section of the front skirt armor, only. ^^

Lovely metallic green jewels on silver backgrounds meant for the shoulder attachments.

All removed parts are organized and stored in individual paper containers.

A minor detailing work on just one work: the molded line details on Hisenkon (飛旋棍) are panel lined using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Gray).

The real start to the whole detailing and paint work to be featured in the next posting. ^^

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