Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sci-fi Revoltech T-Rex Part 2

Why must the connection be so tight?

After the introduction, this posting will focus on the option parts and accessories included for Sci-fi Revoltech T-Rex. ^^

Accessories and option parts included for Sci-fi Revoltech T-Rex.

Three parts to form the jungle base.

The base itself.
All the plants are fixed on the base, and they are made of hard plastic that allows their original shape and design to be preserved.

Closeups on the details.

Bottom view of the base.

Copyright statements molded beneath the base, which are very much impossible to read because of the dark molded color. ^^

The base is roughly 10cm in width, 7cm in depth, and 3cm in height (using the tallest plant as the reference point).

The two prehistoric tropical trees.

Closeups on the tree's details.

The two trees are 9cm and 11cm tall respectively.

Two slots on the rock behind the low-lying plants are designed to hold the trees.

The trees are attached to the base.
The slots feel a bit small for the joints, and a lot of force was needed to peg the trees into the base. All the leaves around the slots were not helping at all said assembly. ^^;

Even though Revoltech joints are used for the trees, their connection with the base is so tight they became really hard to move. ^^;

A pair of feet with closed toes.

Letters "L" and "R" can be seen molded behind the feet to distinguish between the two sides.

With one of the option foot swapped onto the T-Rex's ankle joint.

The default feet with spread toes.

The default feet have the letters "L" and "R" molded behind them as well.

Comparison between the two types of feet.

As you can see, the peg slots to connect to the jungle base are only available on the default feet.
As shown earlier on, the design of the base only allows the default feet to be connected to it.

A closer look at the match between the soles and the pair of short pegs on the base.

Besides the sunken areas and short pegs, there's a pair of slots behind the foot area to strengthen the figure's connection to the base, but that connection requires the feet to be detached from the ankle joints first.

The slots are meant for the ankle joints to be pegged into them directly.

The connection is so firm the figure doesn't fall out when the whole base is being held in an upside-down position. ^^

A typical name plate featuring the character name and movie origin.

Since the part list is short for T-Rex, the RevolContainer is useful to hold all the non-jungle base extras. ^^

Much like Skeleton Army and its special display base from the same Sci-fi Revoltech line, the elaborately detailed jungle base almost stole the spotlight off the T-Rex, the main figure in this package. ^^ Then again, the design of Skeleton Army's special base is much more impressive in my opinion, since it can be used to hold the many weapons and option parts included for the main figure on top of being a really beautiful base. The jungle base for the T-Rex however, is meant almost exclusively for display purpose - the fixed, molded footprints on the ground can be seen as evidences to that design purpose I believe. With their super-tough connection to the base, the only two Revoltech joints on the entire base contribute nothing to the base's alternate image, unfortunately. ^^;

Speaking of display, more images of the T-Rex with its jungle base coming up in the next posting. ^^

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