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Figma Kenshin Uesugi Part 2

1 sword X 3 states = 3 swords

After the introduction, this posting will focus on the accessories and option parts included for Figma Kenshin Uesugi. ^^

Accessories and option parts included for Figma Kenshin Uesugi.

Two option face parts for Kenshin: one depicted a focused, combat-ready expression, while the other shows her cute embarrassed look. ^^

Rear view of the two face parts.
The large round slots behind the parts are useful in giving the head a flexible range of movement.

An option fringe part to display Kenshin without her tall helmet.

Comparison with the default fringe part with the odd-looking connector to the helmet.

Standard Figma design to swap between the face parts.

Kenshin with the two option faces, and the extra fringe part.

The default face part.
Notice the eyes are showing Kenshin looking to her right.

A closer look at the default fringe part and the helmet's connector slot inside its bottom side.

Either fringe part, including the default one shown above can be connected to the head via a simple tab. The helmet is then attached to the top of the default fringe.

Since it's not fixed to the fringe, the helmet can be displayed as a standalone accessory. ^^

The helmet is about 4.5cm tall.

Even though they are the same sword, three are included, each depicting a different form/state for the sword. ^^

The default "generic"-looking type.

Closeups on the details.

The sheathed type.
The main focus is actually the scabbard, not the sword. ^^

Closeups on the details.

The sword handle can be detached from the sheath

(Left) The slot to hold the sword handle's peg is deep enough for the sheath to pretend to be a functional one. ^^
(Right) Using it as an actual sheath is not possible indeed.
Even though I knew that from the beginning, I just had to test it out to convince myself about that lack of feature. XD

The short straight peg on the sheath allows the weapon to be mounted onto Kenshin's left skirt armor.

Using the same straight peg as its joint, the sword's position can be adjusted on the skirt armor.

The swing effect-included type.

The glossy clear blue and white gradient paint work on the effect parts is pretty cool-looking. ^^

Then again, in closeups, its rigid shape reveals the "fakeness" of the effect almost unreservedly. XD

A comparison between the three swords.

Only one side of the handle features the three golden "diamonds", and their appearance is consistent across all three parts. ^^

The blade parts are obviously different. ^^

Comparing the swords' length.
The sheathed type is accurately designed to be slightly longer than the other two. ^^

A dagger.

While there's no special details on the dagger, I really like the light brown paint work for the handle. ^^

The dagger is 5cm long.

Comparison with the sword reveals the shiny silver paint work on the two blades is identical.

A "non-weapon"-type accessory (XD): a giant rice ball.
Since I never played the game, I have no idea why this particular part is being included for Kenshin. ^^;

A total of eight option hand units included for Kenshin.

A pair of spread palms.

A pair of open fists to hold the weapons.

With the sword and dagger attached to the open fists.

Another pair of open fists to hold the weapons, but with an angled design to show the weapons in a slashing or thrusting pose.

With the sword and dagger attached to the open fists.

A right hand unit to hold the weapon, with the hand angled inward.
I'm not very sure the exact function of this particular right hand, other than to hold the sword in a position where the sheath is resting on Kenshin's right shoulder.

The inverted bend of the hand is demonstrated by it holding the dagger.

A left open hand unit to pose with the scabbard.

The open space of the palm area is just right to fit the scabbard.

A comparison of two open left hands reveal that the one meant for posing with the scabbard has a slightly larger open space in its palm as compared to its regular-type counterpart.

A look at the different angled position of the hand units, even though all of them are designed for weapon-posing.

simple straight peg connection to swap between the hand units.

The default closed fists.

Out of the ten, four of the hand units lack the typical hinge joints that can be found on the other six.

Regardless of their different joint design, all of their armor details are well-painted. ^^

The typical Figma display base.

As the connection slot is designed to be in the middle of Kenshin's back, the collision between the stand and her hair is an unavoidable nuisance. ^^;

The inclusion of three swords and a dagger, coupled with the figure's own large-sized components like her Samurai helmet and dress give this Figma set a rather luxurious feel, despite having a rather typical packaging design. ^^ The design of not having a separate effect part that can be attached to the katana is most like to avoid stressing the thin and fragile weapon I believe, since the effect part itself is a hefty solid piece. ^^ On the other hand, given the small size of the sword, I'm surprised that a functional scabbard is omitted in place of the "decorative"-type. ^^ This reminds me of Meiya Mitsurugi from the same Figma series. Not only can her katana be sheathed into its scabbard, and they are larger in size (thus heavier), the option hand units included for her can actually be used to hold the weapon without any problem at all. ^^

Then again, more goodies are always good, so I'm not complaining about having three swords for Kenshin at all. ^^

More images of Figma Kenshin in the next posting. ^^

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