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Sci-fi Revoltech T-Rex Part 5 [Final]

Dinosaur slayer

Another round of action poses from Sci-fi Revoltech T-Rex to start off this last posting in its review series. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Comparison with Skeleton Army from the same Revoltech series:

Comparison between their special bases:

Like I said in Part 3, with the jungle base as its "visual" support, the figure is able to project the image of being a large dinosaur. However, when compared to another action figures, like Skeleton Army shown above, its relatively normal size is immediately exposed. ^^;

Then again, it's obvious the T-Rex is much bigger than Skeleton Army in terms of volume. The regular box would most likely not be able to contain the whole figure if it was designed to be taller and bigger.

Given the figure's bulk, I suppose most of the production cost went to its materials (plastic, paint work, larger Revoltech joints), so the jungle base couldn't be designed to be as impressive (in terms of size and gimmicks) as the large ruin site included for Skeleton Army. ^^ It still looks very impressive for its details, but more importantly, it supports the T-Rex's image on the diorama.

Since the two trees were designed as separable components with Revoltech joints as their bases, I imagine it would be more fun if the base was made bigger, and various elements on it, including more trees, bushes, boulders, and even parts of the base it were made to be modular for one to alter the base's look. With that, the T-Rex can be displayed as if it's appearing in different locations even though there's only one base provided. ^^

Still, as mentioned earlier on, the default base is pretty good on its own, and it being smaller than Skeleton Army's base in the comparison above doesn't retroactively diminish its quality.

Since size forms a huge part of this particular discussion, here's T-Rex next to another Revoltech figure for comparison, purely for fun. ^^

With Yotsuba. ^^

T-Rex: "Give me your ice-cream, little girl!"

Yotsuba: "... ..."

Yotsuba: "Nothing can take my ice-cream away from me! ...

... Nothing at all!"

Just for laughter XD

Going back to what I said in Part 1, the T-Rex is indeed a unique action figure. ^^ The figure itself, and the review on it are certainly a refreshing departure from the usual focus on humanoid type on my blog. ^^ Besides that uniqueness, the detailing on the T-Rex is definitely a huge plus point that makes it a great figure for display. However, as an action figure, the T-Rex unfortunately suffers from weaknesses in overly stiff Revoltech joints that are also limited in their range of flexibility. ^^;

In short, it's an interesting action figure with obvious strengths that are countered by obvious weaknesses as well. ^^

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