Sunday, July 26, 2015

Random (147)

Because receiving your parcels one by one is too easy and mainstream

Went to a courier service outlet yesterday morning to pick up parcels containing my purchases that I asked the vendors to withhold shipment for many many months. ^^ Four boxes came in - two really large ones and another two smaller ones. The vendors were kind enough to inform me of the boxes' dimensions, so I was prepared before going to the courier's office. Still, bringing the boxes back was a challenge. ^^;

I was ready to slow and get my stuff in two trips, but luckily, my car is amazing in the storage department. ^^

The rear seats can be collapsed to let the box be slid through the trunk.
The top cover can be removed as well actually, but I didn't find that to be necessary when loading the box.

Two smaller boxes were placed on top the folded rear seats.

Another large box sits on the front passenger seat. ^^

Safety first - I wouldn't have placed the box on the front passenger seat if I couldn't see my side mirror completely and properly.

Back to normal when everything has been unloaded from the car when I got home. ^^

Despite being a small hatchback, my car continues to amaze me. ^^
Perhaps I should do a review on it one day. XD

And yes, you can get a car plate that's customized like mine. Just apply through this helpful link.

Close to 40 items came in with the four boxes, many which are 1/6 scale figures, related accessories, Nendoroids and Figma action figures. ^^

More items adding on to my super-long list of future reviews. ^^


LEon said...

Wow! More toys!! 1/6 somemore!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Man! What a loot! Like a one year supply! That car plate of yours is pretty cool!

Gugu said...

We will have ngee reviews until 2100! Iuhuuuuul!

Ngee Khiong said...


Most of the 1/6 figures have very compact boxes - I didn't know the boxes could fit so many before they arrived. In comparison, some of the Nendoroids have boxes that are relatively larger than their actual figures. ^^;


Click the link. Hehe~ ^^


With these four boxes, I can continue posting on my blog for at least another 10 years. XD
(10 points for you if you want where that line comes from XD)