Friday, October 30, 2015

Revoltech Queen's Blade Rebellion Sigui Part 3

Restrictive head and habit

Picking a simple action pose as Revoltech Queen's Blade Rebellion Sigui's display pose, after introducing her accessories and option parts in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:







[Holy Flame Mace]


[Display base]

Even before explicitly introducing her articulation design, the restriction on Sigui's posability caused by primarily her head and habit is immediately clear. ^^; The head doesn't move very well due to the fixed locks of hair on both sides of her face, and even though the hair parts on the back are designed with Revoltech joints, much like those on Ymir, their movement is minimal due to the fixed, rigid shape of the habit Sigui is wearing. As a result of the head's "overlapping" restriction, Sigui is forced to be looking forward constantly unless adjustment is made to her neck joint.

Also, the hair and habit give the head some significant weight, making the figure rather top-heavy, so getting her to stand without the base can be a great test of luck. ^^; For that matter, the standard display base becomes very important to help the figure to sustain even the most basic standing pose.

The limitations aside, Sigui is a pretty lovely little figure. ^^ I really like the cool combination of blue and white used for her dress, which is coupled by her bright golden boots. ^^ The overall design is much simpler as compared to that of Ymir and Alleyne, but it doesn't make Sigui any less noticeable than the two. Her character theme can be identified very easily, as with that of Ymir and Alleyne, and her color scheme is equally obvious to notice. ^^

So, in terms of looks, Sigui is a great design in the Revoltech Queen's Blade series. ^^

Then again, I don't think there was ever any bad design in the line-up. XD

Will move on to have a look at Sigui's articulation design next. ^^

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