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Revoltech Queen's Blade Rebellion Sigui Part 2

Confusing sleeves

Introducing all of Revoltech Queen's Blade Rebellion Sigui's accessories and option parts after the previous posting. ^^

Accessories and option parts of Revoltech Queen's Blade Rebellion Sigui.

Two option face parts included.

To swap between the face parts, the habit pegged to the back of Sigui's head needs to be removed first.

A hinge joint (enabled by a small Revoltech joint) allows the fringe to be lifted for Sigui's face part to be swapped out.

Sigui shown with the two option face parts.

The default face part with a smiling expression.

Comparison of all three face parts.

A tiny mole on the left of Sigui's chin can be seen on all three face parts. ^^

Contrary to my expectation, the habit is not made of soft plastic and has a bit of weight to it as well. Not only does it restrict the hair parts' movement, it's quite a burden (literally ^^;) for the head to carry. ^^;

Sigui looks pretty good without the habit, except having the large peg slot on the back that is. ^^;

Sigui's weapon: Holy Flame Mace (聖炎の槌鉾)

Closeups on the details.

Length of the mace: 9cm.

For the other weapon, God's Chained Blade (神鎖剣), the chain came stored its own tiny plastic bag. ^^

The expanded God's Chained Blade.
The delicate chain portion is made of metal (I believe ^^).

Closeups on the details.

Overall length of this chained weapon is about 35cm.

A pair of option sleeves.

The hand with its wrist joint needs to be detached first before the sleeve can be swapped out.

The gloved section of Sigui's forearm, which is quite detailed in its paint work and detailing is hidden beneath the sleeve. ^^

The look of both arms with the sleeve parts removed.

The default pair of sleeves.

Comparison between the four sleeve parts.

Looking at the four parts, I realize that the sleeves were attached wrongly on the figure when she was packaged. ^^; The slightly wider opening on the sleeves is supposed to indicate elbow level.
The not-so-obvious ax section of the emblem on the side can be used as hints to the correct pairing of the sleeves as well.

The main difference between the sleeve parts is the direction that the hanging side is facing.
On the default pair, they are facing downward, indicating minimal action for the arms.

On the option pair, they are supposed to flow backward, indicating sudden thrust or swing when Sigui is using her weapons.

Two option hand units, one open right hand to hold the weapons and one left open palm are included.

With the open right hand attached to Holy Flame Mace.

With its uniform shape for the blade secion, Holy Flame Mace can be held as if it's a sword. ^^

There's no clear connecting point on God's Chained Blade for the weapon to be held actually. I just attach the open hand to a curved protruding "spike" that seems secured enough for the pose. ^^

The default pair of spread palms.

Comparison between the four hand units.

Simple part-swapping to exchange between the hand units.

The standard Revoltech display stand set for the Queen's Blade series.

Sigui's name and product numbering can be seen tampo-printed on the base.

The completed display stand.

A slot of the back of the figure and one beneath the heel can be used to mount the figure to the display base.

With the figure connected to the display base.

A pair of flesh-colored Revoltech joints.

Interestingly, the joints are not shown/listed as being among the included parts. ^^
However, the sleeve-swapping feature and the detailed forearms of the figure can be taken as hints as to what the joints are meant for. ^^

Besides the forearm section, the separated sleeve parts for the shoulder and upper arm can be detached from the figure as well.

The option Revoltech joints are of the same size as the default blue elbow joints that are designed to match the sleeves.

A "sleeve-less" left arm. ^^

Comparison between the optional sleeve-less look of one arm and the default design of the other.

Two "M" mode parts for Sigui's costume. ^^

The ripped dress.

Closeups on the torn details.

Some spilled-over blue paint can be seen inside the dress. ^^;

A torn underwear. ^^

(Left) The standard RevolContainer
(Right) Most of Sigui's parts, including her option sleeves can go into the mini container.

More images of this Revoltech action figure coming up in the next posting. ^^

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