Thursday, December 3, 2015

Transformers: Generations Fall Of Cybertron Deluxe Class Sideswipe Part 2

Very big gun, very small gun

More images of Takara Tomy's Transformers: Generations Fall Of Cybertron TG-10 Deluxe Class Sideswipe in his Cybertronian speeder mode after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Sideswipe in speeder mode with his massive Path Blaster cannon and the smaller Blaster pistol (the name for the same pistol used by Jazz from the same game).

The plain, weapon-less look of the speeder mode:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Despite the almost non-existent gap between the bottom of the car and the surface it's on, Sideswipe can actually roll easily and smoothly. ^^

A look at the two weapons included for Sideswipe:

Path Blaster

Closeups on Path Blaster's details:

Path Blaster has two gimmicks:

The large energy canister can be rotated for an unexplained purpose. ^^;

The barrel can be extended/retracted.

Lengths of the cannon in its two modes: about 11cm when extended, and 2.5cm shorted when the barrel is retracted.

Path Blaster in its retracted form:

The smaller Blaster pistol:

In vehicle mode, Sideswipe has two mounting ports for the weapons: one on top the canopy and one on top the left rear wheel.

Following the default positioning of the two weapons from the box image to form a weaponized Sideswipe that completely destroys its symmetrical look. XD

Using the same side peg, Path Blaster can actually be mounted on the opposite side of the vehicle mode, even though the cannon would appear to be in an upside-down position in this form:

Unfortunately, the energy canister is dragging on the surface in this configuration, disallowing the vehicle to roll properly. ^^;

The large cannon can also be mounted on top the canopy to turn the speeder into a tank. XD

Given that the connectors are straight pegs, the weapons can be swivelled around to give even the weaponized vehicle mode various display options. ^^

Comparison with another red race car-type Transformers figure from Takara Tomy, Rodimus Prime from the Transformers United line:

In vehicle mode.

Bottom view.

In robot mode.

Comparing it to the straight-out-box display of the robot mode, Sideswipe in this vehicle mode definitely looks more impressive to me. ^^ Besides the aerodynamic shape of the race car, the large silver section that extends from the hood to the tail is fully revealed. Coupled with the glossy metallic red paint scheme, this vehicle mode completely shows off Sideswipe's sleek look, and is probably the best mode to reflect that image too. ^^ Even in robot mode, the most prominent component is the chest, which is very much the entire front section of the vehicle mode's hood anyway. ^^

A big theme of the vehicle mode, especially after its transformation is the reveal of many previously hidden or unnoticeable details. Besides the aforementioned silver section, a set of engine details in metallic black can now be seen on either side of the car, and the fluorescent carbon fiber-like panel on the spoilers comes into full view in robot mode. ^^

Perhaps I might change my preference when I get to see the robot mode in greater details, but as it stands, I do like the vehicle mode more. ^^

On the other hand, the large blaster is a "good" option part to take away that sleek look. XD The weapon not only looks bulky, it's pretty heavy too. While the paint work and detailing are well done, having just the rotatable energy canister (to be operated manually anyway ^^;) and extendible barrel as its gimmicks seems too underwhelming to justify for the size and weight. ^^; It would be more impressive, and preferable to me if the blaster can be separated into a pair of components that can be mounted on either side of the car for a more balanced weaponized vehicle mode look, and for more display options as well.

A look at Sideswipe's speeder-to-robot mode transformation next. ^^

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