Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The End of a Long Search

Not one, but two

Same case with Yamato's Macross Zero 1/60 Complete Transformation SV-51γ Nora's Unit, I have been looking for this item ever since it was released, but always finding it "Out of Stock" on most websites. With the huge box came in safely yesterday, the long wait is finally over.

Extra thick packaging to defy the handling quality of Malaysia's local postage service. ^^;
I would like to thank the seller most sincerely for that ^^

Do you know what this is? And why there are two of (about) the same kind?

Hohoho~ :)


Aeon said...

Real action here Street Fighter Chun-li? Limited ed?

G.G. said...

There still stock at a local store near my home in LA. But way overpriced.

Evaritus Lau said...

It's clearly saying "Street Fighter" on the side....but idk what characters in it.


Chris said...

Nice one, Aeon! I think you got it right. Besides the 'Street Fighter' and 'Real Action Heroes', the chinese word 'Li' can also be seen.
Why 2...is it because it's rare? Or to compliment each other? Or perhaps one for your friend?

Either way, these two must have costs a fortune.