Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ngeekhiong EX Goes Action Figures & Figurines

The girls in my closet

My purchases are pretty easy to guess, aren't they? The secrets were out almost immediately after I showed you some glimpses from their boxes XD

Anyway, I really enjoy having the companies of those action figures and figurines I bought, pretty much a brand new area of hobby I got entangled ventured into this year (excluding Transformers that is, got my Leader Class Optimus Prime anout two years back). "Ventured into" as in "actually go and buy them". Some of my friends thought I'm a downright mecha person, and Gunpla is the only thing I would buy. The way they were so surprised when I got my Max Factory's 1/8 Haruhi surprised me as well, frankly because, why not? ^^

I don't believe that there should be any need of "specialization" when it comes to hobbies. Mecha and moe are not (and should not be) mutually exclusive anyway. ^^

It's a good thing for this blog actually, now I have more things to talk about apart from Gunplas ^^

But still, I need to find some time to write up on each of them X_X

Here's a bit of preview of what to expect in future postings:

Yamato's 1/60 Complete Transformation SV-51γ Nora's Unit and Gundam Heroine History Special: Relena Peacecraft.

Medicom Toy's RAH 12" Chun Li Regular and Limited White Costume Ver.

Figma Miyuki and Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Movie Ver.

Plus, this doesn't mean my Gunpla-ing work is slowing down. Like these girls, I just need more time to write up on them. ^^;


Cass said...

Oho, looks like now you'll have even more things poking your wallet full of holes. XD

quasadra said...

its inevitable. every mecha fans will get to this point given enough time. me included, having brought the nanoha figma trio recently...

Chris said...

Unlike Haruhi, these were out of the boxes almost immediately, huh? Except for the limited version. XD Silly me...most of these are action figures and they're meant to be posed.

By the way, would that be your first Figma?

G.G. said...

Seems more & more otaku are getting into figures these days... Although I find them to be of high production value, but still...not sure why I would get cutey figures of girls (unless they are from gundam series). Relena FTW!

Aeon said...

I guessed right then? ^^I|I

Q said...

Mecha and moe are not (and should not be) mutually exclusive

Fully agree with you there~ To be honest there's quite a mixture of them on my desk right now XD

Yoko is quite tempting though... You're starting to poison me there XD

AzureNight88 said...

I wont go Figurine freak yet.If
Buy Gunpla + buy Figurine sure will Pokkai all my hardwork sweaty working salary money.
Dunno when have RenaLi figurine,I think one month buy one figurine is enough for me, cant too freaking overload.Money hard to earn >_<

Mike said...

luckily i'm not so into figurines or else my current financial status would be worse. my fren is into both, which is very terrible. he can even spend rm370 for a limited nendo... i really cannot ah. btw, is gundam fix figuration considered as figurine too? if yes, count me in too lol.