Monday, June 29, 2009

MG Destiny Part 15

Show me the bling! ^^ II

Continue from Part 14, moving on to the assembly of the body's inner frame.

Showing the gold and silver painted on the "spine" before it gets concealed by other parts.

The shoulder blocks. Very similar parts between the left and right units, caution is important so that you don't snap the wrong parts together.

The completed torso.

The linked movement of the shoulder blocks.

Completed with the arms.

An inner frame for the backpack XD
This feature is absent for Strike Freedom.

The completed inner frame.

Examining the articulation - pretty awesome indeed XD

More photos of the whole frame, before all the armor pieces come in.

The rifle is also assembled in this review since it has a bit of "inner frame" on top of its barrel as well. XD

Part 16 will be about assembling the wings.


Busterbeam said...

shaping up to be one of the best destiny wips ever. nice job.

Gunstray said...

"Resistance is FUTILE", Im now reminded of a Terminator,except without a head

AstrayP03 said...

now that you mentioned it... it does look like terminator lol

Q said...

Lots of blink blink pipes here and there before having to get them concealed by the armour ^^;

Evaritus Lau said...

How nice would it be if the armors is transparent parts bro.