Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Upcoming Reviews for January

Having fun with special effect I'm not bothered with

Several of the new collectibles to be featured on my blog in this month: ^^

Like the previous posting of its kind, I'm putting out this posting to honor the "???" label, which currently holds the lowest posting count, and will foreseeably continue to take the first from bottom in this new year. XD This posting also allowed me to try out some of the special effects included in the image editing software I used for my photos, all which I never cared about, some I didn't even realize existed before this. ^^;

I'm constantly looking to include new material that is different from the normal reviews that I usually do on my blog, despite the contrary of what the blog is actually about thus far. ^^; I think writing about things other than reviews on action figures and model kits, and log records of model kit paint work and detailing would be a fun thing to do. However, my blog content has always stayed within those two categories as they seem easier for me to do. ^^; Even so, I'm hoping to realize some of the special segments I keep thinking about in this new year. ^^

The next review will feature something that isn't shown among the four images above though, and it's very, very special. ^^

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