Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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Chunli Ver. 2.0

Medicom Toy just added RAH (Real Action Heroes) Ultra Street Fighter IV Chunli Ver. 2.0 and Cammy to the list of upcoming products on the company's official site. ^^

As a fan of Chunli, I certainly welcome a new version of Chunli in the RAH series. ^^ Since I do have the first version, some changes implemented on this Ver. 2.0 are immediately obvious to me, even though there are only one and a half images of the figure on Medicom Toy's site right now. ^^ Apart from the obvious new head sculpt, an option head with a shouting expression is going to be included it seems, based on the first image. The design of her qipao is also going to be renewed as well it seems, with the Velcro patch extending all the way to the collars. And for some reason, the color of the patch has been changed from white to black, making it extremely obvious even in plain view. ^^; I'm not sure what's the exact purpose behind that change. The design of the two spread palms as shown in the second image is different from that of the first version as well.

The head sculpt is the number one factor for me in determining if I like this new RAH action figure of Chunli or not, and from the single closeup provided, I must say it's very well done. No concrete release info is given for her, but I think I'm set to get her the moment she's officially announced. ^^

Images are from Medicom Toy.

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