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Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Queen Part 2

All hail the Queen!

Switching over to Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Queen after the introduction of the option parts and accessories of Alien Warrior from the same action figure line in the previous posting. ^^

Not surprisingly, everything seems so big now with Alien Queen. XD

All the figure's parts straight out of the box.
As seen in Part 1, one of the arms and legs weren't assembled onto the figure at the beginning to compact the content inside an already larger-than-usual box for Alien Queen. ^^

The default condition of the figure: the right arm, including its shoulder joint is completely detached. The right leg is off, but the hip joint is left on the figure.

The spike fins on the back - three on either side were initially bound by rubber bands, and have individual plastic wrappers to keep the parts from sticking to one another inside the box. Once the "barriers" are removed, the fins can be positioned freely to make them look menacing and outstanding.

Made of soft plastic, the six fingers on each hand can be bent to make them look more expressive.
Without heating up the part, the bent effect is temporary only.

The completed figure of Alien Queen, which cannot really stand on its own. ^^;
Before rolling out the display base and stand, the figure is supported using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type for the moment.

The display base and stand are the only real unique parts included for Alien Queen. ^^

The display base.

To match the size of Alien Queen, the display base is larger than that of Alien Warrior introduced in the previous posting, but the design theme of the metal platform as seen in the movie doesn't change.

Closeups on the details of the base.
Besides the airbrush effect, the rough surface molded for the flat area next to platform floor panels can be seen very easily.

Rear view of the base.

The display stand is 12cm in length (height to be precise).

The platform base has a hexagonal slot molded specifically for the stand to be connected to it.

There's a round slot in the middle of the figure's chest to connect to the display stand.
The dark, glossy color makes it really difficult to spot the hole, even upon close inspection. ^^;

The standard name plate and nameplate.

The standard RevolContainer isn't helpful at all for this figure, since there's nothing other than some curled strings (that were used to bind the figure to its plastic tray inside the box), RevolChip and name plate to be stored inside it. ^^;

More images of Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Queen standing on the platform base, after introducing its very limited option parts and minor assembly needed to complete it.

Closeups on the details:








Just as how Kaiyodo promoted this figure before its release in 2010, the massive size of Alien Queen is quite intimating, but very impressive to look at in person. ^^ As shown above, I had to bend the tail forward just to get the whole of the figure in frame for the pictures. ^^ While the figure's own size is amazing, I think one would be more impressed by it when it's compared to Alien Warrior, and even "Big Chap", the first Alien. Not only does the Queen scaled nicely to its minion, it's equally detailed and well done in terms of paint work. The very impressive black and metallic blue paint work on translucent green parts as seen on Alien Warrior can be observed on this figure as well. While the effect doesn't seem to be as pronounced on parts like the torso and legs, perhaps due to the parts being larger and denser, it is definitely there.

On top of the nice paint work, there are just so much intricate, creepy-looking details sculptured onto every visible part of the figure to match its size. The skin texture on top its "crown", the bony structure beneath it, the entire stretch of protruding tips on the tail, holes on the palms, slits beside the thighs, those cage-like muscle structure on the neck, and the list goes on. The beauty of the figure is pretty overwhelming in my opinion. ^^ Despite the creature's story and role in the story, I think Kaiyodo did a brilliant job to bring out as much details possible to be loaded onto a figure of this size, but still gave it ample number of joints for articulation - those Revoltech joints and hinges on the limbs are there to remind you about that. ^^ Then again, I don't want to jump the gun and move into the topic of articulation just yet. ^^; For this part of the review that focuses on the overall design of the figure, amazing is the very least I can describe about it. ^^

Will move on to Alien Warrior's articulation design next. ^^

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