Friday, February 5, 2016

Lego Creator No. 31005 Construction Hauler Part 2

Underutilized hinges

Assembling the main model from the Lego Creator No. 31005 Construction Hauler set, the truck and the trailer after completing the mini digger in the previous posting. ^^

Building up the base of the truck.

More parts to form the cab section.

Another rather unusual-looking brick piece appears after the hinge and bucket pieces in in the previous posting. ^^

Added the parts to form the base of the cab.

Added the rear bumper and smoke stakes.

Progress of the assembly so far.

Added what would later become the side windows of the cab and its roof.

As it turns out, the truck now has four hinge slots on either side. ^^

Added the windscreen.

Four clear yellow parts, a rounded plate and two cone pieces form the top of the truck's roof.
Plus another pair of hinge pieces. ^^

Added the grille and front bumper.

Added the air horns, grab handles and sidewall of the sleeper-cab.
All 10 hinge slots now have parts connected to them, but only two of the parts can be moved via the hinges.

The "flaps" on either side of the truck are movable, but I believe they are supposed to remain in a "bent" position to show the curved, protruding sidewall and not any sort of actual movable components on the truck. ^^

The wheels represents the last components to be assembled to the truck.

Done for the truck. ^^

More images of the truck:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Length of the truck: less than 10cm.

Comparison of the truck with my palm. ^^

Comparison with the mini digger from the previous posting. ^^

Still quite a number of parts remaining for the trailer's assembly and many of them are large plate-type pieces.

Assembling the last component of the main model - the trailer: ^^

Very straightforward steps to follow to form a large "plate" that would become the base of the trailer.

Added "corner" pieces and a few that are curved and rounded to form the wheel space to be used in holding the digger.

Added the trailer hitch and four construction cones.

Added the rear ramp.

The ramp is the only component on hinges on both the truck and its trailer that is meant to be actually movable. ^^

Another two sets of wheels for the trailer.

The white button-like piece is meant to support the trailer in the middle section (although not necessary at all I think) but still allows the entire model to move via its wheels. ^^

Done for the trailer.

More images of the trailer as an individual component:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Length of the trailer: slightly over 17cm. ^^

A few leftover pieces from the assembly...

... including this uncommon piece that is included clearly for one of the alternate models but not for the main model itself. ^^

A look at the completed construction hauler, including the digger that it's carrying in the next posting. ^^

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