Friday, February 19, 2016

Play Arts Kai Meryl Silverburgh Part 5 [Final]

The size = weight dilemma

More action poses from Play Arts Kai Meryl Silverburgh after the previous posting. ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 4 for Humanoid Clear.

Comparison with Cammy from the same product series:

The size and height difference between the two is very obvious. ^^

Cammy's wide shoulder expansion is missing on Meryl, and would be awesome if included to give Meryl additional weapon poses that are also more natural-looking. ^^

Overall, a very beautiful but equally posable action figure this is. ^^

As mentioned in Part 2, the figure's large size immediately impressed me, especially since the reviews I did before Meryl were on figures that are much smaller in size. ^^ They are all interesting to me, obviously, that's why I bought them in the first place. ^^ However, Meryl definitely stands out more easily and obviously due to her large size. ^^ On top of the size, the figure also features amazing sculpt details and beautiful paint work that make her a very impressive figure just for plain display.

Articulation design is standard but is definitely flexible in supporting the figure's posability. Then again, the impressive large size of the figure becomes somewhat an obstacle to Meryl's action poses, as balance becomes an issue. As noted back in Part 3, a large display stand is much needed to provide enough support for the figure for some of her high-maneuver action. ^^

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