Sunday, April 5, 2009

MG Destiny Part 3

Gold and silver mania Part 2

Moving on to the most distinguishing design feature of Destiny: its huge wings. This first one I did was the left wing.

They are symmetrical - same design for both wings, but as with the arm and leg shown in Part 2, I don't want to start on components on either sides in one go, so that I won't confuse myself which part belongs to which side. For example, when you paint both elbow joints and leave them to dry at the same time, you probably won't be able to tell which one is for which side the next day.

Also, if you try out you own painting preference on a certain component and regret about it afterward, it would be easier to clean it up if it's on just one side right? ^^;

Anyway, my 'interpretation' of MG Destiny's left wing:

Just couldn't resist the temptation to paint all the pipes inside the wing in gold and silver. ^^; Gray is not a bad choice as well, to show that those pipes are part of the mecha details inside the wing, but gray isn't a color that would look outstanding for me, particularly when these pipes won't be seen much when you assemble these two pieces.

Also, the three pipes inside the 'container' (on the right side of the wing shown in the image above) are going to be concealed forever when you assemble the two parts, for your information. I just didn't want to leave them in red while their friends on the other side of the wall get their color upgrade.

This is perhaps the last time you get to see all the painted ten pipes inside the left wing. ^^; The next time you see the completed model, only four on each wing would be visible (not so clearly too).

I could still use my Gundam Marker Gold for the 'heads' since all of them are relatively small. Just a few quick touches from the marker and those parts would be painted. For the pipes, I had to use normal silver pen as they are too close to their surrounding. The time needed to scratch off excessive paint from the surrounding of the pipes would be too dreadful for me to choose Gundam Marker for the job. ^^; The fine tip of the normal pen is a more suitable candidate to meet my requirement for accuracy in painting those pipes.

If you're wondering what is that normal pen I'm talking about, it's being mentioned in Part 4 of BB Senshi Destiny.

Onto the smaller wings, all the verniers and thrusters-like design are painted gray. Since there's no image of how they should be painted in the manual, I spent some time thinking about they before landing the 'final' blow. XD

Painting those parts gray is to be consistent with the thrusters from the bigger wings, which are in gray.

Gold and silver for the hydraulic pipes that pulls the wings, both are from Gundam Markers. For the pipe, silver goes in first and any spill-over is covered by Gold to be painted on either sides of the pipe.

All the painted and panel-lined parts for the left wing:

I did nothing to the black cover for the wings, which is a single molded piece.

Gundam Marker Gray and then panel-lining for the three thrusters on the wing fins, as shown in the manual. Nothing too fancy about that ^^

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