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Chibi-Arts Boa Hancock Part 2

Arms race

A rundown on Chibi-Arts Boa Hancock's laundry list of accessories and option parts after introducing the package in the previous posting. ^^

All of Chibi-Arts Boa Hancock's option parts.

The option face part with a serious-looking expression, which should be designated as the default for the figure in my opinion. ^^
It's only labelled as "Type C" on the instruction sheet. ^^;

The size and design are actually not too different from the same part on a Nendoroid figure. ^^

Another two option face parts: "Type B" - with a relaxed smile and "Type A" - shouting.

While the expressions are very well done indeed, I find all the snake earrings to be really cute. ^^

Part-swapping for the hair to change between the face parts.

The front fringe must be connected to the face part first before they are reattached to the hair part. A block beneath the front fringe locks the part in place.

Boa Hancock with the three different expressions. ^^

The super large and heavy "hair stand" part to be used to realize Boa's ridiculous pose when she looks down on other folks.

Size comparison between the special hair part and the figure herself. ^^;

The extra sarong part with curved bottom edge and extra waist part with an angled abdomen joint area.
The latter is meant exclusively for Boa's "discrimination" pose, while the sarong part can be used in a variety of poses.

The extra sarong part's design is consistent with the normal one on the figure. ^^

The quality of paint work on the part is kind-of iffy. ^^; The edges are evidently not treated properly. ^^;

Ten option arm parts plus one extra left hand unit.

The "Mero Mero Mellow" attack pose pair of option arms.

A straight right arm featuring a hand with pointing index finger and a spread palm.

A pair of bent arms meant to show Boa posing with hands on her waist.

Another pair of bent arms that can be used to show Boa posing with hands on her cheeks.

One bent right arm to show Boa resting her right arm on her chest.

The default pair of straight arms with flat palms.

Comparison between the default arm and the option straight right arm shown earlier on.
The sunken upper arm area on the latter is meant to fit the figure's chest area in Boa's "discrimination" pose.

The hand units of all the above mentioned arm parts can be detached.
Connected via simple peg, the hands can swivel at wrist level as well.

Simple peg joints for the shoulder as well.

Another very special pair of option arms are meant to realize Boa's pose when missing Luffy D. Monkey.

A tiny doll of Luffy on the left hand is not just the highlight of this particular option arm, it's so well done it can be considered one of the entire set's attraction points. ^^

The hand units on this pair of option arm parts are fixed.

All the accessories and display base parts.

A clear plastic cutout with pink love heart patterns to decorate Boa's "Mero Mero Mellow" attack pose.

Four paper cutouts in different shapes and colors printed with some of Boa's catchphrases.

Nothing at all on the back of the small cards.

A small base and two clip stands for the catchphrase cutouts and attack effect part.

The base is about 2.5cm in diameter, while the stands are 4cm and 7.5cm long (tall) respectively.
The long stand is bent most probably due to stress on it while in storage. Made from soft plastic, I'm sure a bit of heat and bending would be able to restore it to its original shape.

Using the stands.

There are teeth-like tabs inside the stand rack to tightly grip onto the cutouts when they are being mounted onto the stand. Those tabs seem like they could put some stress marks on the cutouts. ^^;

Using the stands with some of the cutouts.

The support block on the display base can be replaced by a figure stand.

The cape can be considered as an accessory as well, since it can be easily removed from the figure's back.
A slot on the back of the figure to be used by the base's display stand is revealed.

Very nice gradient paint work on the cape part to realize the "artificial" shadow. ^^

Attached the display stand to the figure's back.

A quick look at Boa Hancock without her cape. ^^

An pair of spare joints for the neck and hips.

Having a huge number of option parts makes this Chibi-Arts set look like Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition in terms of content. Their content are meant for different purposes though. For Miku, most of the parts included are accessories of musical instruments to decorate scenes featuring the figure herself; for Boa Hancock on the other hand, most of the parts included are option body parts to give her different display forms.

Having three option face parts is quite impressive, considering most Nendoroid figures only come with two. There are Nendoroid figures with the same number of option face parts though. 2010 release of Rinko Kobayakawa immediately come to my mind for being a Nendoroid figure with three option face parts (since I have that figure ^^). So the number certainly doesn't make this Chibi-Arts figure stands out immediately as compared to the Nendoroid series in general.

What does stand out is the number of option arm parts included. 10 in total, most with detachable hand units which are compatible with the different arms is truly amazing. ^^ Apart from performing all the "designated" poses, the combination possible with the arm and hand parts would definitely allow even more poses to be adjusted, especially with four different face expressions to choose from at the same time, the versatile playability of this figure is definitely to be expected. ^^

More images of Chibi-Arts Boa Hancock coming up in the next posting. ^^

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