Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter Part 3

The white knight

More images of Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter after introducing its accessories and option parts two postings back.

Closeups on the details:




[Skirt armor]




From some of the readings I did before the review, Weissritter (or Weiß Ritter/Weiss Ritter) means "white knight" in German. Given its overall white color scheme, the name is a pretty accurate description of the mecha I suppose, although I would expect it to wield a shield and a sword of some sort instead of a long rifle. ^^ Cybaster is the most Medieval Knight looking mecha in "Super Robot Wars: Original Generation" in my opinion. ^^

Slimmer than Alteisen, Weissritter feels lighter despite having die-cast materials in all the same components as the former, as shown in Part 2. Size is definitely the main reason for that weight discrepancy, as the super huge calf area on Alteisen which contributes to most of the figure's weight is no present on Weissritter.

Just like Alteisen, being lighter in weight characterizes Weissritter very well. Meant to be a fast-speed long range support unit, Weissritter is evidently a lot less bulkier than its predecessor Gespenst MK II, let alone comparing it to Alteisen. So the light weight is appropriate and it does make sense, even though it's due to a more practical reason on this actual figure. ^^

Despite the size, the detail treatment is just as great as Alteisen. Apart from all the nicely painted small details which always fascinates me, I really love the glossy treatment given to all blue components on the figure. It adds a sense of luxuriousness to the figure I think, ^^ and it works better than the overall glossy red treatment as seen on Alteisen in my opinion. Since everything is glossy and shiny on that figure, the paint treatment doesn't look outstanding anymore. ^^; But for Weissritter, the glossy blue parts do stand out a lot. Their shiny appearance make them look metallic, even though none of the blue parts is made of die-cast material. ^^

Not a big fan of the mecha itself, but this is definitely a lovely figure with great paint scheme and detailing. ^^

Back to Alteisen next and finally, it's ready for action. ^^

Well, it's ready for action the moment it was taken out of its box really, but the opportunity for that only arrives now as part of the overall review series. ^^;

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