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1/48 Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base Part 6 [Final]


Transformation for 1/48 Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base from Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode after the previous posting. ^^

Three parts need to be removed first: the two side helmet parts and the protruding cap in front of the forehead.

The initial transformation steps are just reversing the Unicorn Mode's last few assembly points: the mask is bent downward first to allow the Destroy Mode's face block to be flipped out.

The forehead block is pushed forward.

The Unicorn Mode's mask is flipped inward so that it sits inside the core block.

The face block is lowered.

(Left) The horn is split to form the V-fin.
(Right) The forehead cap is reattached to its original position.

A pleasant surprise: the joint area of the V-fin which I initially thought was going to have its paint scratched off when the parts are split turns out to be just fine. ^^

The side helmet part is reattached with a different position to complete the transformation. ^^

The head display base in Destroy Mode. ^^

More images of the head display base.

Closeups on the details:

The transformation sequence feels very much like the design of the Master Grade Ver. Ka kit. The only difference seems to be the need to remove/reattach the protruding forehead cap before and completing the transformation respectively, which is a very minor design point anyway. ^^

I really like the appearance of the Destroy Mode's design. Of the three Gunpla versions that I have, this head display base features the best face design. ^^ The mask is much better proportioned, giving the entire head a much better Gundam look. It's as sharp as the Master Grade Ver. Ka version, but somewhat longer; it's as long as the HGUC version, but not as blunt. So, very clearly to me, it has the perfect balance between size and sharp appearance, which is very awesome to look at as a display item, and to be able to get that impressive look on a large scale model kit is even cooler. ^^

I really love the glossy painted outcome of the eyes and front sensor on the model as well. ^^ I love the initial paint effect back when I worked on the parts, but there was a constant worry that the parts wouldn't turn out well because of them being overshadowed by the helmet and whatnot. However, just like worrying about the paint being scratched off on the V-fin's joint area during transformation, the eyes' actual appearance disproved my initial worries, which is a pleasant outcome for me. ^^

And the unpainted front portion of the forehead block is indeed concealed in Destroy Mode. ^^ It's an expected "correction" to the V-fin's look, but I'm still very glad that the overall paint work looks more complete now with the flaw hidden. ^^

With HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode]:

Comparison between the faces reveals the difference in their masks' sharpness.

Supporting the HGUC kit with the stand. ^^

The display stand's application is just the same as that of the Unicorn mode, the any adjustment to the model's legs must be done cautiously to avoid kicking and breaking the long V-fin. ^^;

With Master Grade Ver. Ka Unicorn Gundam in Destroy Mode:

Comparison between the faces reveals the difference in their masks' length.

A very simple but nice model kit this is. ^^ A great deal of its details and colors require paint work, panel lining and even markings to realize, but all the effort are well worth the finished look I believe. ^^ It has a really fierce appearance that can really portray the great look of Unicorn Gundam, especially when the model itself is pretty large in scale, allowing all the details to be seen more clearly than any other merchandise version of the Gundam. ^^

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