Saturday, February 23, 2013

HGUC Black Tri Star's Customized Zaku I Part 2

Optional painting all the way

Starting to work on HGUC Black Tri Star's Customized Zaku I after introducing the kit in the previous posting. ^^

Parts selected to be painted:

Two large protruding sections on top the feet part should be painted black.

All the thrusters, including the large and smaller ones on the soles are going to be painted red.

The interior portion of the backpack will be painted gray to link it to the mechanical part, It's not shown to be painted on the completed model in the instruction manual.

I don't have the right paint to realize the entire Heat Hawk's colors accurately. I'll follow the paint work did on the same weapon of my old Char's Zaku II to have a "personal consistency".

Paint work on the parts.

(Left) Painted the feet part black using Gaia Color 022 Semi Gloss Black.
(Right) Part of the interior is also painted just in case some of the corners might be seen from certain angles. Also, there was some leftover black paint in the plate and I didn't want to see it go to waste. XD

Some minor excessive paint at the edge is scratched away using a knife

(Left) Painted all the thrusters red using Gundam Marker.
(Right) Excessive paint on the parts is wiped away using cotton swab soaked with thinner.

With panel lines added.
The interior of the main thrusters is painted black using normal sharp-tipped marker.

Panel lining inside and outside the really small backpack thrusters.
The parts' size is not too much of a problem to me after the work on Geara Zulu's many thrusters. ^^

(Left) Interior of the backpack itself is painted using Tamiya Color Acrylic Paint Mini XF-53 Neutral Grey.
(Right) With panel lines added.

Normal panel lining for the leg parts, which feature very few line details anyway.

The bevel face of the Heat Hawk is painted yellow using Gundam Marker.

Excessive paint that spilled over onto the blade area is been very carefully scratched away using a knife.
A very thin line that separates between the two sections is used as referencing point for the knife.

The conductive pipe behind the ax is painted silver using Tamiya Paint Marker X-11 Chrome Silver.

Like the same weapon used by MG Zaku II F2 EFSF Ver., the tip of the Sturm Faust is painted red using Gundam Marker

Panel lines reapplied to the parts when the paint has dried.

Normal panel lining for all the weapon parts.

Interior of the bazooka's tail is painted black using normal marker.

Interior of the machine gun's targeting scope is painted black as well to add a sense of depth to it.

Done with pretty much all the parts in HGUC Black Tri Star's Customized Zaku I that require some form of paint work in this posting, the focus will shift to panel lining the rest next. ^^

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