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Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter Part 5 [Final]

Maybe including a neck extension would be a good idea

Following Alteisen from the same series in the previous posting, this will be the last posting for Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter. ^^

The ability of the wrist joint to take care of a single-handed Oxtongue Rifle pose is not just a show of the joint's strength, but the rifle's light weight as well. ^^

Using the left arm to support the rifle is possible with the extension gimmick of the elbow joint.

With support using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

Using the left trigger-type hand unit to show Weissritter wielding Oxtongue Rifle with its left hand, which it never did in the anime series I think. ^^

Having more accessories does indeed give Weissritter more display options, so I didn't run out of idea on adjusting its action poses as quickly as with Alteisen. XD With its extensive number of joints, all the action poses look really good, especially the ones with it standing on the ground, as the flexibility of the figure's ankle joints is revealed in full glory. ^^ That's quite a surprising finding, but a pleasant one nonetheless. ^^ Weissritter is commonly shown to be an aerial support unit due to its mecha design, especially with the four wings sticking out of its backpack. ^^ On this figure, even the ground poses have been taken care of very nicely thanks to its articulation design. ^^

So, in terms of playability, this figure is excellent. ^^ There is however, one thing I would like to nitpick about it: the eyes are absolutely hard to see in most poses. ^^; Overshadowed by the large pointy brim in front of the helmet, the eyes are pretty hard to see even in normal standing pose, but when the head is turned to face either side of the body, much of the face would be hidden by the collar armor, making the eyes even harder to detect. ^^; I know it's part of its mecha design, and all merchandise versions of Weissritter would most likely share this "weakness". Maybe having the neck extension gimmick as seen on Alteisen would be a good idea to solve this problem, as the head can be pulled upward for a slight degree to let it be seen more easier. Alteisen would need such gimmick for one of its finishing move poses, while Weissritter would need it for "cosmetic" reason. That doesn't sound too bad to me. XD

Of course, since this is a double feature review series, Alteisen's appearance and paired action poses are absolutely compulsory. ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting, I love Alteise for its look and feel as a Chogokin figure, so playability is secondary to me. Weissritter on the other hand, really impresses me in terms of its playability. Its superb waist articulation, elbow and ankle extension gimmicks are the highlights of the figure in my opinion. Even the variable display forms of the wings is an enjoyable feature to have in its action poses. ^^ I wasn't too sure when I picked this figure up in the first place - it felt like a great substitute for not wanting to get the plamo version released by Kotobukiya instead, as mentioned in Part 1. However, after this review, I really love it. ^^

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