Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random (48)

Small Prime, small Megatron

Recently got myself two relatively small "Transformers: Prime" figures. ^^

Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime and Megatron. ^^

While they are new to me, the figures are actually quite old releases - as with most of my other newly purchased figures. Their age is especially obvious when they are releases for Season 1 yet "Transformers: Prime" is going to enter its third season very soon now. Optimus Prime even got his coolsome "muscled winged" truck revamp - at least for his toy version, which looks nothing like this Season 1 "veteran" form. ^^ Then again, I still love these two figures very much, especially Megatron. The face sculpt and details are absolutely fantastic. ^^ The Decepticon boss was my initially must-get really, but Prime's nice vehicle mode was a temptation hard to resist as well. ^^;

These two aren't my first Transformers figures from the Cyberverse line actually. Arcee reviewed in June last year was, but she's of Legion Class, which is somewhat smaller than Commander Class Prime and Megatron are in. ^^ Considering that they all belong to the Cyberverse line, comparing who's bigger than who is kind-of funny, since they are all very small. XD

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