Saturday, October 19, 2013

Play Arts Kai Lightning Part 2

No option for the left-hander version

A look at Play Arts Kai Lightning's weapons and option parts after the introduction of Serah Farron from the same action figure series in the previous posting. ^^

Weapons and option parts included for Play Arts Kai Lightning.

The very unique gun-blade. ^^

Indicated by the unique hilt design and a trigger guard on the cross-guard, the weapon is designed to be transformable into gun mode. For this figure however, it's fixed in sword mode.

Fabulous sculpted details and paint work on the entire sword. ^^

The entire weapon is about 14.5cm in length

A round shield.

While the details are simpler than those on the gun-blade, they are very well-executed nonetheless. ^^ The dark green and black gradient paint work with overall glossy coating gives the shield a different look as compared to the gun-blade.

Rear view of the shield.
A paint chip near the bottom side is quite an eyesore, but I don't feel the urge of covering it up using a silver marker at this point. ^^;

The clear joint is connected to the shield via a ball-type joint, thus allowing the shield's position to be adjusted freely and easily. ^^

With the shield attached onto Lightning's left forearm.

Two option hand units are included: a trigger-type right hand to hold the gun-blade, and a left spread palm.

Both hand units have very detailed sculpt work and painting for the shiny armor parts and black gloved areas.

(Left) Pretty simple-looking hinge-swivel combinational joint for the wrist.
(Right) With the trigger-type right hand swapped onto the wrist.

The default pair of closed fists.

More images of the figure:

Closeups on the details:







A tremendously beautiful figure this is. ^^ There's no doubt in my mind after opening up the box that this is the best figure in terms of sculpting and detailing to be reviewed on this blog this year. ^^ The gun-blade and shield introduced at the beginning of this posting are enough to impress for their sculpt work, but Lightning's head sculpt and costume are way above awesome in the same area of comparison. Details like her hair, chest armor, leather-like material for the straps and skirt armors, belt buckle and feather skirt are really well done, especially when they are complemented by equally impressive paint work. The pink and white gradient paint work for her hair is extremely beautiful. As a matter of fact, this has to be the figure reviewed so far on my blog has the best design for her head. ^^ As mentioned before, the hair looks great, and the detailing of the face to resemble the Lightning is absolutely spot on. ^^ The expression design accurately portrays the confidence and determination of the character as well. Her glossy lips are definitely details not to be missed. ^^

I really can't praise the figure enough for her detailing and paint work. ^^ She's just a really beautiful figure that looks great even in this plain standing pose. With the gun-blade and shield equipped, the size and details of this Play Arts Kai figure would definitely make her stand out a lot among all my other collectibles. ^^

Speaking of weapon attachment, this figure is designed to hold the gun-blade with her right hand exclusively. Unlike her sister who comes with two open fist to hold her bow-sword, there's no way to show Lightning wielding the gun-blade with her left hand. Therefore, there's no way to realize her pose from one of the box arts of "Final Fantasy XIII-2". ^^;

Image is from VGBA.

It would be possible for the shield to be mounted onto her right forearm due to the connector's joint design as shown earlier on, but the same side-switching compatibility is not shared by the gun-blade. ^^;

Moving on to the introduction of Serah Farron's weapons and option parts next. ^^

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