Monday, October 7, 2013

Random (78)

A promising start

Just watched the pilot episode of "Gundam Build Fighters", since it's streaming for free on Gundam Dot Info's Youtube channel right now, complete with English subtitle. For its lighthearted tone, Gundam and Gunpla parody, character humor, and the very blatant commercial to sell High Grade 1/144 Wing Gundam released last month (XD), I have to say I really enjoyed the episode. ^^

I laughed hard at this spoof made on the commonly seen heroic entrance pose by protagonist Gundams.
Getting this funny scene within the first minute of the show was quite a surprise, but a really pleasant one at that. ^^

It's Ramba Ral buying a Master Grade Gouf Ver. 2.0. Your argument is invalid. XD

Apart from following Rei's adventure in the Gunpla tournament he's aiming to participate in - the main storyline of the show that is, another fun thing for me to do is to pause during scenes showing the interior of the Iori family's Gunpla store, and try to identify as many box arts of the kits depicted as possible. ^^

Looking forward to the next episode. ^^

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