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Gone, and forgotten?

A recent thread on Futaba Imageboard about Chozoukei Damashii Soul Puzzle & Dragons Vol. Zeus Advent (超造形魂 パズル&ドラゴンズ ゼウス降臨編!), which has its final release date postponed from October 2nd to TBA pulled in many comments from other members of that forum on various collectibles that were announced way back when at hobby events, or shown in hobby magazines, but never went anywhere after that. It's pretty much a posting that lamented all the good stuff many people were looking forward to in the past, now, and perhaps forever. ^^; It's close in essence with one I did in 2009 on my old blog, about various Gundam items announced but never realized by Bandai. A few of the Gunplas mentioned in that 2009 posting, namely Master Grade Marasai, and The O eventually came out, not too long ago I would say, as compared to when that posting was first released. ^^; On top of some of the "fortunate" ones, there were many more which never managed to escape their prototype status.

Apart from a couple of Gundam goods, there are others from other companies that I'm not aware of all this while. I very much doubt the possibility of those Gundam goods shown to ever get released, since they are from the now defunct HCM-Pro line, ^^; so I wonder if any of the other collectibles can escape their "for display only" status. ^^;

Super Robot Chogokin Sun Vulcan Robo - With the Super Robot Chogokin series moving away from Super Sentai robots (the last release was Daizyujin, which was released in September last year - that's more than a year ago), does Sun Vulcan Robo still has a chance to come out? ^^;

Super Robot Chogokin Daizengar, Aussenseiter, and Cybuster
The two images above are actually from the initial presentation when this action figure line was launched by Tamashii Nations back in mid May 2010. ^^;

Super Robot Chogokin Busou Gattai Fighbird
With the continuation of mecha from the Brave series to be pushed out from this action figure series, with the latest announced being Genesic GaoGaiGar, I believe it's just a matter of time for other mecha like Fighbird to come out, eventually. ^^

Weapon Set 2 for Gear Fighter Dendoh, and Knight Ogre - Chojuuoh Kiba.
Set 1 came out in July 2011, and that was it I suppose. ^^;

S.H. Figuarts Commandant Warz Gill (司令官ワルズ・ギル), Red Ranger (アカレンジャー), and Baseball Mask (野球仮面). While the latter two originated from Himitsu Sentai Gorenger (秘密戦隊ゴレンジャー). All of them are connected to "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger"

Figma Jonathan Joestar "JoJo" from "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".
Medicos Entertainment is still the sole major firm when it comes in action figures from this manga series. How series Max Factory is in competing for the same merchandising rights would depend greatly on how high the perceived popularity of the series is in the Japanese market I suppose.

CMs Corporation Brave Gokin Orguss, Fire Dagwon, Power Dagwon.
Zero news on these awesome figures. As a matter of fact, the entire series is very inactive this year, with UFO Robo Grendizer being the only release (coming in this month). ^^;

D-Arts Wizel the White Knight from the PS3 game "White Knight Chronicles".
Never played the game before, so I wasn't aware of this character, and obviously the figure as well until now. ^^;

Composite Ver. Ka Haruhi with her gang and their General Purpose Multi-domain Humanoid Exoskeletal Combat Armor set. ^^
While Mikuru Asahina (Mikuru Robo), and Ryoko Asakura (Asakura Robo) were shown, only Haruhi received a regular release. Yuki, and Kyon's sister were Tamashii Web Shop limited releases.

D-Armor Kallen - Announced back in Tamashii Nation Autumn 2009 (October 2009) but never went beyond being a mere product prototype, not only for the figure herself, but the entire series as well.

Master Grade Gundam F-90 - On display when Gundam F-91 was announced back at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2006. ^^;

Master Grade Gundam AGE-FX, and Gundam AGE-3 Normal - No follow-up since their announcement last year.

S.H. Figuarts Malseena - I'm still waiting for this figure, or any merchandise of Malseena beyond gashapons actually. ^^; It's a pity that such an interesting character whose role is pivotal in the show gets neglected almost completely in merchandising. It's especially depressing for her fans after Season 2 of "Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger", since she received a rather bizarre but still sexy-looking battle form in that show. ^^

HCM-Pro Z'Gok, Zock, Gundam Astray Red/Blue Frame, and Dodai YS.
All of them were on display before July 2005 I suppose, because Z'Gok which was shown as a mere prototype in the image did eventually get released, in Char's color scheme.
Gundam Astray Red/Blue Frame not making the final cut is quite a surprise, given the MS's popularity.

Chibi-Art Takuto Tsunashi from "STAR DRIVER: Takuto of The Radiance".
Announced during the height of the series's popularity I suppose. Tauburn, the main mecha was realized, and released in Robot Damashii [Side CB] format for that.

Robot Damashii [Side LFO] RA272 Nirvash from "Eureka Seven: AO".
Development was ceased due to decreased popularity after the end of its anime series perhaps? The case would be similar to that of "STAR DRIVER: Takuto of The Radiance" I suppose, except there was one mecha that "made it" into the Robot Damashii line from that series. ^^

Figma Shiki Ryougi (両儀式) from "Kara no Kyoukai".
A full kimono in Figma scale (1/12) would be tremendously awesome to see. ^^

VB-6 König Monster as a 1/72 scale (?) plamo kit from Wave.
The inverse proportion between developmental cost and actual market potential for this large-sized kit immediately sprang to mind on why it never get past prototype form. ^^;

50cm-tall G.F.F. Tamashii Collectors Solid Model 1/35 scale Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. Ka
Announced back in March 2009 at Tamashii Nation 2009 but never get past its prototype form, even though it was set to be a limited release right from the start.
Here are more old images of this huge figure for those who desired it at one point in the past. ^^;

SHCM-Pro Gundam NT-1, Zaku II FZ (standing on the back) - On display at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2008, but never make it beyond that.
The ability to launch the forearm Gatling without having to remove the armor as shown in the image would be tremendously cool.

Figma The Avengers series - With the second movie, "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" coming in May next year, would the focus shifts from character design of the first movie to that from the new one? ^^

Putting aside all feelings of despair and disappointment that some of these figures are never going to get beyond their prototype forms no matter how popular they once were at various stages in time, the true nature of the hobby industry, which is to make money just like any normal commercial business in the market is very well demonstrated here. Stuff that are going to bring profits to the companies, or those which are perceivably lucrative are going to make the cut, while those that fall outside that category are not going to make it. One, or two, or three, or even a hundred fans aren't enough to guarantee the success of a particular product in the market. It's the usually market research, and occasionally plain bold business confidence that allow companies to make the final call for their products. If I have it my way, Kampfer, and Gouf Custom would be getting Ver. 2 for their Perfect Grade Gunplas long before Master Grade Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 3.0 was even considered, but I'll most probably drive Bandai into the pit of bankruptcy at the same time for those decisions. XD While I do wish that certain figures do get released eventually, there are plenty of other cool stuff that are already out, or are waiting to come out - more than enough to keep myself occupied before needing those I'm missing, so in the end, all is well and good. ^^

Images are from Futaba Imageboard.

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