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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Class Twinstrike Part 3 [Final]

Mighty claw preview

The last posting for "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Cyberverse Legion Class Twinstrike already. ^^

The figure is transformed back into robot mode after the previous posting to examine its articulation capabilities and weapon configuration:

Since the head is on a hinge joint that allows it to be folded into the abdomen in beast mode, the head is not movable at all in robot mode. ^^;

As shown in the previous posting, the shoulders, which turn into neck joints for the dragon heads in beast mode can be hinged upward.

The arms can be rotated freely on either side of the body using the shoulders' ball-type joints.

As mentioned back in Part 1, the shoulders can be flipped backward for a minor degree before they are stopped by the beast mode's forelegs stored on the back. ^^;

The forelegs are flipped downward to reveal the shoulder's ball-type joint. ^^

Ball-type joints for the hips.

There's no knee joint for Twinstrike, but the lack of appendage on its waist does help to support the leg's wide degree of upward lift.

As part of its transformation design, the feet can be swiveled around the ankle joints.

The ankles' ball-type joints allow the feet to be tilted vertically as well.

Piston Hammer can be held by Twinstrike using any of the three pegs on it.

The slot in the middle of its tail as shown in the previous posting can be used to mount the hammer in robot mode as well.

Interestingly, the peg slot beside the forelegs can be used to hold the hammer as well, but the look is crooked, and it creates even more baggage that blocks the arm's movement. ^^;

Some action poses from Twinstrike in robot mode:

Not transforming the beast mode feet properly doesn't seem too out-of-place on the robot mode. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Just for the fun of it, since the figure is so easy to transform between either mode, ^^ here are more random action poses from Twinstrike in beast mode:

Apart from the two modes, Twinstrike's ability to transform into a giant arm (default configuration) as part of Abominus is another important feature of this figure. It's one the main reasons I got it in the first place. ^^ The ease of transformation and the figure's small size allow for a quick configuration to have a preview of the giant arm. ^^

The two pairs of pegs on the inner side of the legs are going to be used to connect Twinstrike to Hun Gurr in combiner mode.

A giant arm with dragon heads and forelegs as claws appear. ^^

As mentioned in Part 1, due to the figure's simple overall design, the various components can be adjusted according to one's personal preferences. ^^ For example, the forelegs can be tilted backward to show just the dragon necks and heads as spike-like appendages behind the entire combiner arm. ^^ Looking at how Twinstrike turns out to be, I'm really looking forward to trying out the ability to combine on the other four Legion Class Predacons now. ^^

Comparison with Commander Class Optimus Prime from "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters":

Vehicle mode

Robot mode

While its beast mode is able to match the vehicle mode of Commander Class Optimus Prime in size to a certain degree, the robot mode comparison shows that they are worlds (product series) apart. ^^;

Comparison with Arcee from the same Legion Class series:

Since both of them are from Legion Class, the size comparison with Arcee is more valid for Twinstrike as compared to Commander Class Optimus Prime no doubt. ^^

Overall, a very interesting and fun little Transformers figure this is. ^^ As with Arcee from the same action figure line (the only other Legion Class figure in my collection at the moment that I can use to compare Twinstrike with ^^;), the robot mode's design and posability is simple, but with all its details well painted nonetheless. The transformation is very simple too, but it's well designed to give the figure a really nice look in beast mode. It may be small, but it's a really awesome Transformers figure. ^^

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