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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Class Twinstrike Part 1

First of the five

From one combinational robot to another. ^^ While the just reviewed Keropla Kururu Robo Mk-II indicates that the completion of God Keron is near, it's just the beginning for the protagonist of this review series, and the journey to form his giant combinational robot. ^^;

I actually forgot to take pictures of the blister pack before removing the figure from it. ^^; Realizing that when I was arranging the picture files before this review, a last-minute shot of an out-of-box Twinstrike with its backdrop mounted on top of di:stage Basic Set Black Ver. will have to do I'm afraid. ^^;

This is Legion Class Twinstrike from the Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters Cyberverse action figure line. ^^ From the Predacon faction, he is one of the five robots that form Abominus. I mentioned back in the review of Commander Class Optimus Prime from the same figure series that I was going to get the five Predacon combiners, and Twinstrike is the first of the gang that I got. ^^ He's actually the first release out of the five as well, being part of Series 3 Wave 1. The other four according to their Legion Class release order are Hun-Gurrr (Wave 2), Windrazor, Rippersnapper and Blight (all Wave 3).

The ability to form Abominus wasn't mentioned when Twinstrike was released, even though the two pairs of 3mm pegs on its legs which are usable in neither robot nor beast mode did raise a lot of rumors that it's capable of something bigger, literally. ^^ Interestingly, the ability to combine was not mentioned at all in any of the individual releases of the other Predacons. The official confirmation of that special capability came when a Target Exclusive bundled set of the five figures was announced. ^^ Still, there was no instruction given on how to combine the Predacons to form Abominus for the individual releases. ^^; I know many fans were using the single promo photo of the said Target Exclusive bundled set as a guide to DIY the combined robot when Windrazor, Rippersnapper and Blight were released and the whole gang was assembled. ^^ The simplicity of the figures' design, plus how obvious the joints are located make the combination very simple to figure out I guess. ^^ Furthermore, because of the "universal" design of the joints, which can be associated to the overall simple design of the figures, there are plenty of configurations for Abominus. ^^ Twinstrike, Windrazor, Rippersnapper and Blight are interchangeable as limbs on the giant robot. Twinstrike is Abominus's left arm by default, but I've seen it configured as one of the legs instead. ^^ I've also seen "alternate" versions of Abominus formed through multiple figures of the same character as its limbs. ^^ That versatile playability makes the entire set even more attractive to me to pick up. ^^

Later, when elements of "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" was shown to be part of the latest Japanese produced Transformers series called "Cubed Combination: Transformers Go!" (参乗合体 トランスフォーマーGo!), the Abominus set is included as one of its merchandise releases as well. Named Jagi Gattai Goradora Set (邪鬼合体ゴラードラセット), all five Predacons feature a drastic change in color scheme. ^^ Twinstrike for example, who is bright yellow on this original release has its color changed to dull green in that Japanese incarnation. ^^

I became interested in this set of Predacons when I discovered their ability to combine. ^^ Before knowing that, Windrazor and Blight are the only two I was looking forward to picking up because of their interesting beast mode look (to me). ^^ The Target Exclusive bundled set is pretty much of my reach because of its exclusitivity, but when Jagi Gattai Goradora Set was announced, its overall duller color scheme didn't seem interesting to me. ^^; In the end, I decided to stick to the original five individual releases to get my Abominus. Even though an explicit instruction sheet on how to form Abominus is absent through that collection method, there are plenty of reviews right now, in English and Japanese for me to refer to for the giant robot's combination. ^^ However, before that, reviews of the individual figures will come first, as each of them does have its own unique features. ^^

Image of Predaking, leader of the Predacon legion in dragon mode on the left hand side of the card.

The name of the character and its role among the Predacon members are shown on the cardboard label.

Stats of Twinstrike on the package's right hand side.

A super brief introduction of the character as well as images of the figure in robot and beast modes on the back of the package.

Despite the character being from "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters", the CG image on the back of the box remains the same as that from the first and second seasons of "Transformers: Prime".

The package is carefully cut from its side in order for the content to be removed.

The neatly folded instruction sheet for Twinstrike's transformation.

The unfolded instruction sheet for the transformation sequence.

Much like the instruction sheet of Arcee from the same product line, a one-way transformation seequence is shown for Twinstrike.

The complete backdrop with the remaining edges of the cut plastic cover removed.

The cardboard label for the top, side and bottom faces of the plastic container.

Comparison with the backdrop of Commander Class Optimus Prime from "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters".

Comparison between Twinstrike's cardboard label with that of Commander Class Optimus Prime from "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" again.

Twinstrike and the only weapon included for him, Piston Hammer are stored on the plastic tray.

Front view of the content.

Rear view of the content.

A straight-out-of-box display of Legion Class Cyberverse Twinstrike.

Closeups on Piston Hammer.

More images of Cyberverse Legion Class Twinstrike in robot mode:

Closeups on the details:



[Arms and weapon]


The bright color scheme and having two dragon heads as its hands are the immediate two outstanding design elements visible on Twinstrike. ^^ Yellow isn't my favorite color, but the mixture of bright yellow and teal seems to work well on Twinstrike in my opinion. ^^ I like the look of how the teal body and leg parts seem to be enclosed in yellow armors. The small patches of purple on the chest, abdomen and shins give the figure some interesting details to look at as well. Apart from those three colors (minus the light gray on Piston Hammer), the head and front legs of the beast mode are painted in metallic teal, and they look very nice in closeups. Twinstrike's face is painted in shiny silver, as with the horn and a small patch above each dragon head. The robot and beast modes' eyes are painted in bright red as well. So, the figure is definitely very well designed in terms of details. ^^ So, as compared to Arcee from the same product line, there are even more parts on Twinstrike other than its head that are well painted. ^^

The dragon head hands are too obvious in revealing the beast mode's transformation, and their bulky appearance can be a bit off putting. ^^; Unfortunately, as the beast mode's front paws are positioned right behind the arms, it's not possible to alter the arms' display in robot mode. ^^; They will stay expanded to either side of the body and make Twinstrike looks like he's about to go to a bodybuilding contest. XD Their look actually doesn't bug me as much as the absence of elbow joint on the arms, which is a weakness that is unfortunate, but well expected of a Legion Class figure. ^^;

The beast mode transformation of Twinstrike coming up next. ^^

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