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Play Arts Kai Serah Farron Part 4 [Final]

Release the imaginary arrow

Going back to Play Arts Kai Serah Farron for her last part in this double feature review series, after the previous posting on Lightning. ^^

Even more action poses from Serah after Part 3: ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

As compared to her elder sister, there are more weapon options for Serah. Not only is she able to wield her bow-sword using either hand, the weapon comes in two modes as well. ^^ However, looking at the design of the bow mode, it's not exactly a very versatile weapon to begin with. ^^; The idle look of the bow shows that it's either in an unused state, or you have missed the action completely, in which case is always and forever. XD As a result of that "application" flaw, I find adjusting impressive poses that show Serah using the bow mode to be a somewhat troublesome task. ^^; Because of that, I actually like the sword mode for its higher versatility in action poses. Then again, since Lightning's designated weapon is also a sword, I still stick to the bow mode as Serah's primary weapon to establish the differences between the two figures. ^^

On a separate note, while the design of having the front piece of her skirt to be separated from the waist is helping to improve the legs' range of movement, I find the look of a "torn" skirt to be somewhat unpleasant, especially when beauty and details are the most important attraction points for the figure. ^^; It really is an anticlimactic discovery I think, finding out a design feature that is supposedly useful to the figure's articulation turning into a weakness that could impair her look. ^^;

Finally, a size comparison with the only other Play Arts Kai figure I reviewed since Bayonetta and Jeanne back in 2011: ^^

With Street Fighter IV Cammy.

Well, I suppose that size comparison explains why there are so many sub-series in the entire Play Arts Kai line despite very few releases from each of them, and why scale is not mentioned for any of them at all. ^^; Serah and Cammy are supposed to be of the same height - 164cm (see information for Serah and Cammy), but as Play Arts Kai figures, Cammy looks intimidatingly taller and larger. ^^; So, the figures from different sub-series are really not meant to be lined up for comparison it seems. ^^

The last posting for Lightning will be up next. ^^

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