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Gundam Construction Scene Part 9 [Final]

Final assembly 2

More images of the mini-sized Gundam statue from Gundam Construction Scene (MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ガンダム大地に建つ) gashapon set after completing its assembly in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:




[Right arm]

[Beam saber]

[Left arm]



Some notable points about the statue, and the overall set:

Plenty of accessories from all the individual packs that aren't needed for the statue's assembly are stored in a plastic container.
The number of parts involved, and the size of some of them, especially the bases, gives an impression that perhaps just 20 percent of the overall content is needed for the statue. ^^

While the statue can be removed from the display base, it cannot stand properly on a flat surface. ^^;

The protruding pegs from the bottom of its feet prevent the statue's straight stance.

The 12 figurines shown in the previous posting can be freely placed around the statue as visitors to the site. ^^

A busy day for the statue in Shizuoka City. ^^

The inidividual figurines can be painted with bright colors to make the whole scene even more interesting for display, but I don't feel adventurous enough at the moment to attempt the paint work on such small parts. ^^;

Comparison with some of the other Gunpla versions of Gundam RX-78-2 from my collection: ^^

With the HGUC version from Operation V Set, MG Ver. 1.5, and the BB Senshi version.

While it's taller than the BB Senshi version, it's actually smaller in terms of proportion, thus making it the smallest of the bunch. ^^

Comparison with a HCM-Pro figure, Gundam 00 in this case:

The Gundam statue is slightly taller than Gundam 00, so its scale should be around 1/200.

The actual components used for the statue's assembly are so small they fit inside the same container holding the unused parts as shown earlier on with no problem at all, and that's inclusive of its own large display pedestral. ^^

The completed diorama is a very good representation of the Gundam statue in mini scale I think. ^^ While it's indeed very small, the statue's fixed pose, and most of its major details are realized very closely according to the actual one on exhibition in Shizuoka in 2010. It can even "mimic" the head movement capability that is part of the statue's features for display. ^^ For its size, details, and gimmick, it's a great souvenir to bring back after one has visited the statue no doubt, and that was exactly the original release objective of this gashapon set I believe. ^^

On the other hand, with so many Gunpla versions of the statue released in the past, including the Mega Size Model 1/48 scale kit, HG 1/144 scale, and BB Senshi, all which were limited releases I should add, its mini size may make the statue seem somewhat less attractive, since those Gunpla versions were able to show off more of the statue's details, and they double up as posable kits of Gundam RX-78-2 as well. Then again, I think the completed model of this gashapon set still has its unique attraction in having a replica of the statue's inner frame, which is also accurately designed after the actual one. True to gashapon set's name, you can assemble the model according to the construction stages of the actual statue. ^^ With different pictures depicting nights and days as the assembly process's background, you can mimic a time-lapse photoshoot of the statue's construction, which seems like a great idea to fully reflect the model's potentials and features. ^^

After going through the review on Pack 6: Left arm lift [左腕部吊り上げ], and then the model's assembly, I think I'm too lazy to attempt that photoshoot now, even though it would definitely make an amazing conclusion to the entire series. ^^

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