Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gundam Construction Scene Part 8

Final assembly 1

The assembly of the mini statue from the Gundam Construction Scene (MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ガンダム大地に建つ) gashapon set comes right after the review on the last individual pack in the previous posting. ^^

Before that, a look at a gathering of all six individual packs from the set:

A "revision" of the individual packs: ^^

Pack 1: Head and waist parts conveyance [頭部・腰部運搬]

Pack 2: Framework building [骨格組み立て]

Pack 3: Body lift [胴体吊り上げ]: review part 1, part 2.

Pack 4: Leg armor conveyance [脚部装甲運搬]

Pack 5: Right arm building [右腕部組み立て]

Pack 6: Left arm lift [左腕部吊り上げ]

With their elevated designs, the bases were never inteneded to be linkable. ^^; For that matter, it's not possible to form a combined diorama featuring a display of all the components from the different sets. And on that note, each pack is pretty much its own self-contained set. It would be difficult to shift parts between the packs to set up your own dioramas for display. Besides the sizes of the display bases being a limitation, the fixed name plate on each base also makes it awkward to show off components not from that particular set. ^^;

The flattened boxes and repeated instruction sheets:

A look at the components needed, and those to be omitted from each set for the statue's assembly:

Statue componenets from Pack 1: Head and waist parts conveyance [頭部・腰部運搬]: waist, helmet, face.

Unneeded parts from Pack 1.

Statue componenets from Pack 2: Framework building [骨格組み立て]: display base, inner frame of the lower body, left thigh, left foot.

Unneeded parts from Pack 2.

Statue componenets from Pack 3: Body lift [胴体吊り上げ]: torso, right foot

Unneeded parts from Pack 3.

Statue componenets from Pack 4: Leg armor conveyance [脚部装甲運搬]: legs, right thigh.

Unneeded parts from Pack 4.

Statue componenets from Pack 5: Right arm building [右腕部組み立て]: beam saber-equipped right hand, right shoulder, right arm.

Unneeded parts from Pack 5.

Statue componenets from Pack 6: Left arm lift [左腕部吊り上げ]: left arm.

Unneeded parts from Pack 6.

A look at the 12 mini human figurines from the gashapon set:

Since they were marked with their respective pack numbers beneath the display bases, I have no worry about mixing them up. ^^
Then again, since they are pretty generic little accessories, mixing them up isn't an issue anyway. ^^ It was my obsession with order that compelled me to label them in the first place. XD

As you can see, there are five designs for all the figurines, which were repeated among them. ^^

Moving on to the assembly of the statue itself: ^^

All components from the six packs.

Each foot part has specific connector slot that allows it to be pegged onto the inner frame.

Done for the feet.

Just like the feet, the legs and thighs have specific connector slots that allows their parts to be attached to the inner frame.

Done for the legs's assembly.

The two waist parts are fixed to the inner frame via large rectangular pegs in front and behind the waist area.

Components for the upper body.

Assembled the beam saber-equipped right arm.

As you can see, the shoulder peg slot on the statue's body is molded to be in a slightly angled position, which fixes the right arm in an downward bent position.

With the left arm attached to the torso, the main body's assembly is completed.

Similar to the right shoulder peg slot, the neck joint is designed to be in an angled position as well.

Thanks to the neck joint, the head is fixed to an angled position that depicts the Gundam looking to its left hand side.

A small gap behind the neck connection point allows the head to be tilted upward, which cleverly reflects the actual statue's head movement gimmick. ^^

The rectangular neck peg also allows the head to be assembled to it in a completely different position, but the closest one would be this unnatural-looking 90-degree bend to the right. ^^;

Done for the upper body's assembly.

Even though the waist connector seems like a straight peg, ...

... no waist swivel is possible when the upper and lower bodies are connected to one another. ^^;

The beam saber tip accurately sits inside its molded "port" when the statue is completed. ^^

All done for the statue's assembly. ^^

Any of the human figurines can be placed on top or around the base as decorative elements. ^^

More images of this completed gashapon-sized statue coming up in the next posting. ^^

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