Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gundam Construction Scene Part 7

Left arm lift [左腕部吊り上げ]

Returning to the review on Gundam Construction Scene (MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ガンダム大地に建つ) gashapon set after making a stop at Sunday Movie Theater two days ago. ^^

To be opened this time is the sixth individual pack, which is the last pack of the whole set to b reviewed. ^^

Front view of the pack.

Preview of the mini diorama, and the components from this pack that will be used on the statue.
The designated color for this pack is pink.

Very simple design on all sides of the box.

Preview of the whole set, and the Gundam statue on the back of the box.

Box open.


Pack number on the side flap.

Front, and rear views of the plastic bag containing the figure parts.

The repeated instruction sheet.

The box is flattened, with its flaps cut off for easier storage.

All the parts removed from the plastic bag shown earlier on.

The left fist is not connected to the wrist by default.

Closeups on the parts' details.

All the armor parts of the left arm can separated.

The rectangular wrist peg is identical to that on the right fist from Right arm building [右腕部組み立て], but the wrist slot is not designed to be in an angled position like its right counterpart.

Unlike Right arm building [右腕部組み立て], the left arm needs to be completed for the pack's own display.

Three large support structure parts.

Closeups on the parts' details

Another included support accessory, one that requires no assembly, is an extended scissor lift.

For a small completed accessory, the sculpt details on the scissor lift are very well done. ^^

The display base.

While some of the detail designs are the same, the base surface features much more fixed details as compared to that in Right arm building [右腕部組み立て]

Rear view of the base.

Besides the usual company and copyright info, a large "6" is molded on the underside.

Front view of the runner that holds the human figurines.

Rear view of the runner.

The figurines are removed from the runner.

The bottom of the figurines' bases are labelled with their pack number using a black marker. ^^

Looking at the connector slots' shapes, the support structures' assembly on top the display base is self-explanatory. ^^

The assembled support structures.

The scaffold platform's top piece has a square slot molded on its side to hold the shoulder joint.

Since the shoulder joint is of the same rectangular design as the wrist peg, it's not really possible to give the arm a different angle of display other then its designated setting. ^^;

Either one of the figurines can be inserted into the scissor lift's platform, and since the space inside the platform is designed specifically according to the display base, the figurine is secured inside the platform. Even in an upside-down position, it doesn't fall out at all. ^^

The scissor lift and the second figurine can be freely arranged as decorative items on top the base. ^^

More images of this mini diorama:

Closeups on the details:

While the content of this pack is essentially the same as the previous one, Right arm building [右腕部組み立て], I like the display outcome of this set more. ^^ The multiple support structures included to hold the left arm in mid-air really projects the image of that component during construction, and on top of that, the mini diorama looks different than the usual everything-on-the-ground setup as seen in most of the previously reviewed sets. The additional size added on to the left arm by said support structures help to reinforce the size difference between the statue to a normal person, as portrayed by the standing figurines placed next to the left arm. In most of the previously reviewed sets, like Leg armor conveyance [脚部装甲運搬] and the previous set, we get to see that the different components are big and long, but for the left arm in this set, we get an idea of its height instead. ^^

Comparison with Right arm building [右腕部組み立て]:

Comparison with BB Senshi Gundam RX-78-2:

Done with all six individual packs, the final assembly of the mini statue will be the focus in the final chapter of this review series. Since the figure is small, and the assembly sequence pretty simple, I think I will just proceed with that right after this in the next posting. ^^

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