Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Enjutsu Zssa Part 2

New lines before the golden storm

Starting to work on BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Enjutsu Zssa after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

The minor panel lining work on Hisenkon (飛旋棍) in the previous posting can't really be counted as the start I suppose. ^^

A look at the parts to be painted and the colors they need:

Body and skirt armors: Gold, metallic green, black and red.

Arms and legs: Black and gold.

Head and collar armor: Gold, white and metallic green.

Backpack: Gold and metallic green.

Hisouto (飛双刀) and shoulder armors: Silver and metallic green.

3D illustrations of the characters, with and without the backpack, and pictures of the completed model form the color guide for the painting and detailing work ahead. ^^

All the targeted parts are panel lined first.

Targeted areas on the plume are painted with a mixture of white and gray paint.

The mixed color closely resemble the molded color of the kit which can be seen on the body parts.

The color used is mixed from White Surfacer from Mr. Hobby (more) and Mr. Color 11 Light Gull Gray Semi-Gloss (minor).

A little more preparation on some of the parts before the actual paint work: there's no line whatsoever between the golden panel and the black area beneath the shoulder joints. I will need to create those lines myself to form the proper separators to guide the paint work later on.

As usual, a slice of double-sided tape serves as the "ruler" to guide the pen knife in the cutting of the parts to form the lines I need.

(Left) The newly formed lines are panel lined using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black).
(Right) With excessive panel liner solution rubbed away using cotton swab soaked with thinner.

The lack of line separator can be seen with the front body part as well - there's no line separating the golden chest ornament and the white body part.

Repeated the steps of creating the lines and detailing them for the front body part.

Everything is set for a long and extensive gold paint work it seems. ^^


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This is one of the nicest and rare ones around. Cute mono eye and nice cape that come along.

Ngee Khiong said...


Most of the BB Senshi Sangokuden kits (manga and Shin) are quite hard to find in stores now. I guess their production have been sidelined after the series ended. Hopefully some of them will get re-released in the future. ^^