Saturday, August 1, 2015

Figma Kenshin Uesugi Part 3

Stands really well despite all the weight

More images of Figma Kenshin Uesugi after introducing her accessories and option parts in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:





[Right arm]

[Left arm]

[Sword and scabbard]



With the helmet replaced with the option fringe part:

Closeups on the details:

The pointy helmet skews Kenshin's height by 4.5cm, as shown in the the previous posting, XD which gave her a somewhat awkward look when I first saw this figure. ^^ Then again, I kind-of interpreted the helmet design as a symbol of the character's status as a powerful warrior. ^^ Looking at the helmet now, I still think it's weird (XD), but Kenshin herself is actually a really lovely, cutesy but not untypical of Japanese anime girl been realized as a Figma figure. ^^

I don't really see her as purely the warrior-type character anymore after getting to examine the figure's look more closely, and after finding out more about her background prior to starting this review. ^o^

Overall, this is a really good-looking figure. ^^ I particularly like the contrast between her white body armor and pretty much the rest of the whole figure, including her hair, dress, stockings and shoes. ^^ Also, while the latter were given dark colors, the combination of different shades of blue and black still give them a pretty cohesive, appealing look. ^^ I also like the beautiful sculpt work and painting that realized Kenshin's long hair, and the realistic-looking folds on her white apron.

Speaking of which, with her large dress and long hair, balancing the figure so that Kenshin can stand properly is definitely a challenge. However, I must say I'm quite surprised that she is able to do that pretty easily. ^^ There's no special joint for her ankles or knees, and her feet are as small as you could imagine for a typical anime girl (XD), but she stands firmly the entire time when the photos were taken for this posting. That's certainly a feature I'm most impressed of other than the look and details of the figure herself. ^^

Moving on to the articulation design of this Figma action figure next. ^^


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This samurai girl has a lot of charm and her expression possessed a sense of confidence.

Ngee Khiong said...


Indeed. She's a lovely figure that one can like without knowing which series she originates from. ^^