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Transformers: Prime Deluxe Class Arcee Part 2

A dangerous motorcycle

More images of "Transformers: Prime" "First Edition" Deluxe Class Arcee in her motorcycle mode after the introduction of her Robot in Disguise self in the previous posting. ^^

Arcee and her two blade weapons.

The "plain" form of Arcee - without the blades attached to the side fairings.

In this default-straight-out-of-the-box setting, the front wheel is not in its correct position actually - it's rotated inward so the fender appears to be rather short. ^^; I didn't notice the mistake until I finished taking all the photos, but am too lazy to redo the whole photoshoot. XD

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Some gimmicks of the motorcycle:

As mentioned earlier on, the front wheel can be rotated from side to side using its fork tube.
This function is needed as part of Arcee's transformation design.

A very minor "side benefit" enabled by her transformation design: the dashboard and handlebars can be lifted behind the windshield for a slight degree.

While the handlebars are not made of soft plastic, the small size of the brake lever still allows it to be bent to mimic the action of gripping it. ^^

The two wheels do roll very well, obviously. ^^

The side stand can be deployed/retracted.

A look the pair of blade weapons included for Arcee:

Rear view of the two blades shows that the shiny silver paint work is only available on the front face. ^^;

The silver paint work "stopped" after the edges of both blades. ^^;

The blades are slightly over 7cm in length.
The tips of the blade are very blunt as you can see. ^^;

There are two pairs of slots on the "inner" face of each blade. In motorcycle mode, the top pair are used to mount the blades to the side fairings.

The shape of the blades compliments the side fairings' look very well. ^^

When it's fully expanded, the side stand sits slightly lower the blade, so it can still be used to support the bike, even though either blade can perform that function just nice. ^^

More images of the blade-mounted motorcycle mode:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

On display using the special "First Edition" paper box: ^^

As the curved edge of the blades compliments the side fairings' shape closely, the weapons form the bike's lower fairings and give it a more completed look when they are mounted, and I do prefer that look as compared to her more normal, plain mode. ^^ On top of that enhanced appearance, the ability to mount the blades is also a great weapon storage option that saves me the trouble to have to store the figure and her extra parts separately. ^^

In terms of look, I think this "First Edition" version of the motorcycle does bear a close resemblance to Arcee as seen in the cartoon series - without the blades attached that is. It's compact, very sleek, and the darker shade of blue matches well with Arcee's color scheme, much closer as compared to the her Robot in Disguise version I should say, although I try not to go into that right now since the latter has yet to be fully reviewed at the moment.

Besides the overall look, the finer details on the motorcycle were very well done as well. The separate paints applied to the fuel tank and seat, side mirrors, and even the exhausts are nice details to be seen on the figure, while components like the tires, front and rear rotors, and dashboard have lovely molded details that provides a sense of realism.

Still, the one-sided, incomplete paint work of the blades is definitely a letdown. ^^; It represents an awkward yet unfortunate similarity with S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade King Form reviewed earlier this year, in which the awesome overall look of the figure is limited in its poses due to the same one-sided paint work on its sword. ^^;

Comparison with her short-lived Autobots teammate, Cliffjumper from the same "First Edition" series:

In vehicle mode.

The two are definitely not scaled correctly to one another. ^^;

In robot mode.

The awkward scale issue is less obvious when Cliffjumper is in robot mode. ^^;

Comparison with Voyager Class Optimus Prime from the same "First Edition" series:

In vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

It's not obvious when Optimus Prime is in robot mode, but the same scale issue as seen when Arcee is being compared with Cliffjumper is also there when Prime is in his truck mode. ^^;

On a separate note, storing the blades on both sides of the bike makes Arcee tremendously dangerous to ride on, as shown below with Sci-fi Revoltech Woody as the experiment participant. ^^

Images are censored due to their bloody, gory nature. XD

Woody probably got what he deserves for showing that crazy expression of his to Arcee before trying to get on the bike. XD

Will switch over to the Robot in Disguise version's motorcycle mode next. ^^

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