Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Transformers: Prime Robots In Disguise Arcee Part 8

The Arcee bike duo

As mentioned in the previous posting, the individual reviews for the two "Transformers: Prime" Arcees are done, but the double feature itself has yet to be concluded. ^^

I made mention of the comparison between the two very briefly here and there in the last 14 postings, but how do the two compare right besides one another? ^^

In motorcycle mode:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Putting aside the very obvious differences in color scheme, detailing, and molded shape of certain components, I think it's fair to say that the overall look is consistent between the two Arcees in motorcycle mode. ^^ After going through their transformation sequences, you can find similarities in the placement of the robot mode components: arms behind the side fairings, legs retracted beneath the bike, and the pointy tail that forms the back of Arcee's waist. While the Robots in Disguise version transforms a lot simpler than her "First Edition" counterpart, I think having those aforementioned similarities in major transformation components "forces" the two to look very close to one another in motorcycle mode. ^^ Unlike other larger-sized releases from the "Transformers: Prime" line, there's very little room to maneuver for Arcee's part arrangement to allow for a very different transformation setup while adhering to her character design in motorcycle mode at the same time, so it's understandable on the reason behind the two versions' similarities in transformation design.

On that note, having a very close look in their motorcycle modes but with redesigned components to facilitate the change in their transformation sequences is the main reason I like the two just about equally I think. ^^ I think the extensive paint work and detailing on the "First Edition" version, but I also like the more cohesive look of the Robots in Disguise version due to her having fewer transformable components - the complete look of the front cowl being the best example. ^^ Also, the more I look at it, the more I favor the match in color scheme between the clear blue windscreen part and the light blue mold color on the Robots in Disguise version's. For that matter, having fewer paint details to support that overall cohesiveness can be said to be this version's unique advantage over her "First Edition" self. ^^

Normally, I prefer having more details on my model kits and figures, but that preference turns out to be irrelevant for these two Arcees in motorcycle mode. ^^ The simpler look of the Robots in Disguise version seems just as appealing to me than the elaborate detailing on her "First Edition" self. ^^

A look at the comparison between the two Arcees' robot mode next. ^^

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