Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Transformers: Prime Robots In Disguise Arcee Part 2

Deja vu with fewer details

Another posting about "Transformers: Prime" Deluxe Class Arcee in her cool motorcycle mode after the previous one, but it's the Robots in Disguise version this time. ^^

Arcee and her two weapons.

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Some gimmicks of the motorcycle:

The front wheel can be rotated from side to side using its fork tube.
The front and rear wheels do roll very well, obviously. ^^

While the handlebars are not made of soft plastic, the small size of the brake lever still allows it to be bent to mimic the action of gripping it. ^^

The side stand can be deployed/retracted.

Unlike her "First Edition" self, only one blade weapon is included.

As compared to the pair included for her "First Edition" self, the single blade of this Robots In Disguise version is smaller but sharper. It can be mounted to Arcee's forearm in robot mode as well, but it cannot be stored on the side of the motorcycle anymore.

Then again, the most important feature to note about the blade: it's painted on both sides. XD

Replacing the other blade weapon is a fairly long handgun.

The blaster is 8cm long, while the single blade is a little over 6cm in length.

The two straight pegs beneath the rear end of the blaster are its handle for the weapon to be held in robot mode. The longer peg doubles as the connector of the blaster to the wheel in motorcycle mode.
The round slot in front is meant to mount the blade.

The bayonet-type blaster and blade combination.

The cutter-type combination.

The cutter-type combination (right) gives the blaster a slightly longer combined length as compared to the bayonet-type.

The round slot available on either side of the front wheel are the connector ports for the two weapons.

More images of the blade and blaster-mounted motorcycle mode:

As the pegs of the blaster and blade are of the same size, they can be freely attached to either port, which allows for a few different weapon configurations.

Unfortunately, the cutter would collide with the front tire if its combined form is mounted. ^^;
There goes one of the few possible combinations. ^^;

Despite the flexibility in weapon configuration, having a long blaster and a large ax-like blade hanging out on the front wheel does give the motorcycle a very awkward appearance. ^^;

The lighter, brighter color scheme on this Robots in Disguise version is its immediate, most obvious and most significant visual difference as compared to her "First Edition" self. Knowing that before getting this figure, and keeping in mind that she also features simplified transformation design, I used to think that many of Arcee's components must have been radically redesigned to match her new image and engineering, but it turns out to be not the case. ^^

Many of her components seem to be "reused" straight from her "First Edition" self - even the useless pair of straight pegs to mount her old blades can still be found on both sides of the body. ^^;

The aforementioned straight pegs.

The pegs don't really fit the blade as smoothly as they do on the same connection points on her "First Edition" self. The pegs seem to be slightly larger in comparison. ^^;

Disregarding the issue with weapon attachment, the new extended side fairings (Arcee's wings) no longer match the blades' shape for the weapons to look good on the bike. ^^;

From the looks of it, only her front cowl, windscreen, side fairings, and engine (components that form her upper body) had been modified in this Robots in Disguise version. The rest of the bike is seemingly identical to that on her "First Edition" self, albeit with less paint work and detailing.

On the subject of paint work, many smaller details were left unpainted on Arcee - the fuel tank (a couple of parts on it) and exhausts being the obvious parts with missing colors. Then again, the lack of paint work doesn't really affect the overall cohesive look of the figure, even though they do look obvious the moment the comparison with the "First Edition" version is made. ^^;

Comparison with Cliffjumper from the same "First Edition" series:

In vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

Comparison with Voyager Class Optimus Prime from the same "First Edition" series:

In vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

The scale issue noted in the previous posting with her "First Edition" self is also present on this Robots in Disguise version. ^^; That can be taken as an indicator that the two Arcees are actually very similar if not identical to one another in terms of size. ^^

Since I'm reviewing both of them at the same time, I can compare them right away and tell you for certain on their size, but I'm save that till a later posting. ^^

Going back to the "First Edition" version to have a look at her transformation design. ^^

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