Sunday, August 16, 2015

Transformers: Prime Robots In Disguise Arcee Part 4

Larger wings for equally larger backpack

Switching over to the Robots in Disguise version of "Transformers: Prime" Arcee to get a closer look of her robot mode, after focusing on her "First Edition" counterpart in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:


Like her "First Edition" self, there are sculpted details for the pupils to be seen in Arcee's eyes, but they seem simpler and less crisp in comparison. ^^;

The light piping design on Arcee allows her eyes to light up very brightly. ^^

Evidently, the clear part behind the head used for the light piping feature also includes the neck joint, which would also be illuminated when light is being shone on the head. ^^







'Massive simplification' is perhaps the easiest way I would use to describe the robot mode look of this Robots in Disguise version of Arcee. ^^ Even without comparison to her "First Edition" version, the simple look and lack of details can be detected quite easily on the figure. This can be seen from how half of the motorcycle mode - the front cowl, front wheel, fuel tank and seat stand out on Arcee's back, and the obvious lack of paint details on components like the inner side of either leg. Interestingly, even though I did consider the simplified details as one of the major weaknesses of this figure when it was first released, I actually look at it now as a good feature to help emphasize on the figure's main color. ^^ As the existing combination of blue, black and silver is already pretty accurate to the character design, more paint work to bring out some of the additional details is not exactly necessary anymore I think. ^^

Another major weakness - the giant backpack is an outstanding (literally) weakness of this figure. Since the figure is already designed with a "fake" robot mode chest and needs no component from the front cowl to complete the look, the latter ends up being a large "baggage" on the backpack. Luckily, the wings are long and large enough to provide some degree of cover for the hanging front cowl, but there's no way for it to be gone from the view. ^^;

The large backpack is definitely a feature I dislike a lot about this version of Arcee, but the extra weapon storage option it provides, as shown in Part 3 does make it a little less annoying now. ^^;

Come to think of it, the "First Edition" version has the opportunity to show off her wings nicely as her transformation design helped to take care of the backpack, to some degree, but couldn't do so because the wings cannot be moved beyond the limit set by the shoulders. This Robots in Disguise version on the other hand, has a pair of large wings included, but couldn't really show them off (as well) since their main purpose seems to be to cover up the large backpack. ^^;

There's no way to gain a win-win between the wings and backpack for either Arcee it appears. ^^;

Returning to the "First Edition" self version to introduce Arcee's articulation design and to show off some of her action poses in the next posting. ^^

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